Jennifer and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met in highschool. I moved to his small town a little before highschool. Everyone knew each other already, making a new highschool experience very scary. I have a twin sister, and she happened to have art class with Michael. Early on, she would tell me about this kid in her art class who was color blind, so she had to help him out every once in a while. Well she never told him she was a twin, so one day a guy walked up to me resembling the guy she described in her art class. He asked me a question about the school lunch. I answered his question, and proceeded to go up to my sister to point out the guy that I just spoke with. She confirmed it was the guy from her art class.

As the months passed, I saw this kid more and more, as we gained the same group of friends. Goin into my sophomore year, and his junior year, as we learned more about each other, it became obvious that Michael had developed feelings for me. I felt the same way but felt to timid to admit it. We still remained close friends, talking almost everyday. Later, I now a junior and Michael a senior, we began to date other people for a short amount of time. It didn’t take long before we realized we weren’t happy seeing each other with other people.

Once we ended our relationships, we immediately ignited the fire that started so many years ago. 1/12/2011. We have experienced so much since then. I watched my best friend graduate highschool. Not too long after he attended boot camp for the Army reserve. The letters we sent each other during those few months only confirmed the feeling of love and comfort I have always found in him. I graduated highschool shortly after he left.

When he came home we established ourselves. He moved into my parents house with me. I started beauty school, and he established his love for cars. Once we were both steady on our feet we moved out of my parents house into a house of our own. At that time I was only 20 and Michael was only 21. I was flooded with emotions, wondering if I was making the right decision. It didn’t take me long to realize that home was wherever he was. Both with a few years of experience into our careers, establishing ourselves independently and as a couple. We felt it was time to take the next step, engagement!

Jennifer and Michael's Engagement in Grounds for Sculpture

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Grounds for Sculpture

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Grounds for Sculpture

how they asked

On Sunday morning, with my hair and make up done, I attended a wedding with my friend. During the wedding my sister and other friend had invited my friend and I to Grounds for Sculpture because they had two extra tickets. We exchanged the details, and we were set to meet around 5. It is not abnormal for the four of us to do something like this so I thought nothing of it. As the wedding was coming to a close, the bride handed me her bouquet and said “your next.” I again thought nothing of it because I was aware that my boyfriend had purchased a ring, and figured my friend had told her about it.

We arrived at grounds for sculpture and met up with my sister and friend. The four of us began to explore the grounds. Since they were there for some time before us, they wanted to take us to some “must see” spots. We took a few pictures and continued to walk to the next sight to see. I then heard the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. I looked back at my sister who told me to keep walking. As I walked down a beautiful lane of arches covered in flowers and vine, I saw Michael standing there. We both began to tear up as we exchanged a few words, and he asked “will you marry me?” I said “Yes!” He then put the most beautiful ring on my finger, and hugged. Once I left his body, I saw both our families emerge from hiding.

Overwhelmed with surprise, excitement, and love I broke down in tears. I was thankful to have everyone I loved there to witness the love we have for each other. Once I saw everyone and some pictures were taken, my sister said she made reservations at one of Michael’s and I’s favorite restaurants. We all left the Grounds, and headed to the restaurant. Michael and I were the last to arrive. Little did I know, there was another surprise in store for me. When I walked into the room, even more of my family and friends were there to celebrate. I was in a room surrounded by people who loved both Michael and me. We celebrated for hours, enjoying the company of ourselves and others, unfolding a new chapter of our lives.

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