Jennifer and Maximilian

how we met

Max and I met about three years ago at a Jewish Young Professionals event at the Blue Martini in Boca Raton. I was standing by the bar trying to avoid the crowd in the small club when Max approached me. He told me that he was also trying to escape the crowd and that I had the right idea about standing by the bar while everyone else was “packed in like sardines.” (He later mentioned this line when he proposed to me just 1 and a half years later). Max and I spent about 30 minutes talking about Disney, cruises, and the Spice Girls before I asked for HIS phone number and we parted ways. That night when I came home from the event, Max had texted me that he was listening to a Spice Girls song on the way home from the event and that is when I began to think that this was fate. A couple of days later, Max texted me to ask me out on our first date and it all started from there. Fun Fact: We both went to the same high school and only realized this when we both checked Facebook the day after we met and realized that we had a bunch of mutual friends.

how they asked

Max proposed to me two days before my birthday at a private photo shoot at the World Showcase in Epcot in Walt Disney World (aka my favorite place in the whole world :)). Back in October, I had found out that Max was planning a surprise trip to Disney for my birthday in June. Unfortunately, the surprise was revealed a little too early when we took a trip to Disney in October and the cast member at the check in desk had a do an merge of his two accounts which would reveal the hotel reservation that he had made for my birthday. Although Max was a little upset that the trip was no longer a surprise, I reassured him that I would be happy with whatever he had planned and that I could’t wait for that trip. The following month, Max told me about the possibility of doing a birthday photo shoot with the Disney Fine Art Photography packages that you can do at the parks. I immediately agreed that it would be fun and in the following months we selected outfits for the shoot and handled the details of fastpasses and dining reservations. We arrived at Disney World for my birthday trip and had a nice restful first day before our early morning photo call the next day. That morning, as we were getting ready for the shoot, I definitely felt butterflies in my stomach as my suspicions grew stronger that Max might ask me to marry him on that day. We had a reservations for dinner at Cinderella Castle that night so I was trying to figure out where he would propose (if he was going to propose). The photographers picked us up from the hotel lobby at 7:30am and then we were off to take our photos. As we made our way around World Showcase, my anxiety was kicking in as we passed by a couple of locations where I was sure Max would propose if he was going to do it during the photo shoot. During our photo stop in Japan, Max and I used wooden J&M letters as props. When we were done with those photos, the photographer asked Max to put away the letter while he took a few solo shots of me. Before I knew it, Max was back next to me and the photographer instructed me to turn towards him. At that moment, Max pulled out a ring box from behind my back and I just felt the whole world just zero in on us. He began to say beautiful things about the night we met, having the world all to ourselves, and the fact that he wanted to spend his life with me together. During his whole speech, I was crying so hard and smiling so much that I’m pretty sure I forgot to say “yes” when he asked me to marry him lol Overall, our proposal was one of the most magical moments that I have ever experienced in my whole life and it was a great kick-off to the beginning of the rest of our life together.

Special Thanks

Cortiella Photography
 | Photography
Delray Beach Center of the Arts at Old School Square
 | Reception Venue
Silver Ball Pinball Museum
 | Location