Jennifer and Matthew's Adorable Proposal at Clemson

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How We Met

Our Story…As you probably already know, it all began in a wonderful place called Clemson, South Carolina. More specifically, Clemson University, where both Matt and Jennifer “attended college.” While that’s not to say they didn’t attend all their classes, but they certainly took part in the extracurriculars. In fact, it was Jennifer’s friend and sorority sister that first introduced them when they were set up for Jennifer’s freshman year ZTA Semi-Formal during the Fall of 2009.


What came next was truly something special. Dances, dates, tailgates and everything in-between, Matt and Jennifer began to build the relationship that has lead us all here today. They shared most all of their college experiences and overcame many of life’s “little” challenges together. That includes Matt pushing Jennifer in a wheelchair their entire summer abroad after she broke her foot on the first day in France. It also includes Jennifer dealing with Matt as he buried himself in books during his first year of law school. Needless to say, they were undeterred, and their relationship only grew stronger over the years.

Fortunately for the both of them, Jennifer decided, or maybe Matt begged and pleaded for her decision to finally move to Cincinnati, Ohio after her graduation. At this point, Matt was already one year into law school. They decided it was time to close at least one book or chapter—their long distance relationship—and what better way to do so than to have the love of Matt’s life move to the Queen City.

It has now been two and a half years since Jennifer moved up to Cincinnati with Matt and his fellow “Yankees” (as some of their friends would like to put it). But just like Clemson, it’s been nothing but a blast and they are so very excited to start this next chapter of their lives together!

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how they asked

Matt did it. He somehow found a way to surprise Jennifer, a feat within itself. Their whole “plan”, because we all know that Jennifer loves a good plan, was to get engaged after Matt took his Bar Exam at the end of July this year. Jennifer had outfits waiting and nail appointments booked to be fully prepared for August- and that was the kicker. She had absolutely no idea that Matt had been plotting for months ahead of her and would jump the gun and pop the question early.

So, the weekend of June 19-21st, while Matt was “supposed to be” buried in his studies for the Bar, Jennifer headed down to South Carolina for Father’s day. While she was there she may or may not have had several meetings booked to meet with some potential photographers that her and Matt liked so that they were fully prepared for the “plan” in August. Well, one of the photographer’s had to reschedule the day before due to her “baby-sitter backing out on her” and requested that they meet her quickly in Clemson before she does an engagement session. Jennifer was not pleased to say the least. She went to her other meetings, did some shopping, had lunch- essentially took her sweet time before deciding they could actually make the Clemson appointment that afternoon. (all the while, Matt, Mrs, Cook and Mrs, Byrnes were freaking out behind the scenes)

Jennifer ended up loving that photographer and as they were wrapping up their meeting, the photographer asked if Jennifer and her mother would like to see her in-the-action as she photographed this other couple. Jennifer hesitated that it may be awkward, but her mother quickly piped up that it would be fun so Jennifer agreed and they were instructed to meet the photographer at the President’s Rotunda on Clemson’s campus. They proceeded in 99-degree weather to head in that direction.

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They park and are walking down the sidewalk to the rotunda when Jennifer’s mother claims to have forgotten something in the car. Jennifer quickly scolds her that she is absolutely not walking up on this random couple alone and keeps her mother tightly by her side. Just seconds later, they round the corner and there he is. Matt is standing in the center of the rotunda.

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Jennifer is in complete shock as she drops down and immediately starts crying. Matt was supposed to be studying in Ohio, yet here he was in South Carolina, standing right there. Still crying, Matt now has Jennifer in his arms as he speaks of the sweet meaning that the rotunda represents of a lifetime of love and happiness for Clemson Alumni.

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He continues with all the warm fuzzies of asking the love of his life to spend forever with him while getting down on one knee. Through lots of tears, joy, kisses, and some shaking, we’re 99% sure that Jennifer said yes! Moments later, Matt leans Jennifer back and says that some people came to celebrate with them… From behind the columns, Jennifer’s parents and Matt’s parents in from Ohio appear and Jennifer naturally drops again to her crying position that was so popular this day.

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They all celebrated together while the photographer was capturing everything on camera. They continued the celebrations at The Esso Club, a notorious Clemson bar, where again, Matt had organized another surprise. He was feeling pretty good about what Jennifer’s answer would be and had the Esso Club place “Congrats Matt & Jennifer, She said yes!” on their sign. Needless to say, the celebrations continued throughout that night and for the last several months as Jennifer and Matt are so excited to share these special moments with such amazing friends and family!

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