Jennifer and Matthew


How we met: Matt and I were in the same class when we attended the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy. We both didn’t really know each other until our 2nd year when I signed up to play for UT-COP’s intramural flag football team, which Matt was the captain and QB of. I had a crush on him that entire season. We started talking and meeting up to study. During the holiday breaks we would meet up to hangout in our hometown of Dallas. Surprisingly enough our families only lived 2 minutes away from each other, and we discovered that we actually went to the same high school – he was just 2 years ahead of me. Small world. At the end of our second year Matt asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history. Ever since then we’ve graduated pharmacy school and have begun our residency in the Dallas area. We travel every chance we get from San Francisco, Denver, and Seattle to all throughout Europe.

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how they asked: Throughout our residency year we have tried to plan a vacation every few months or so. We booked a trip to visit San Francisco in May since this was the location of our very first trip together. We texted a friend I had out at Berkley to meet us up to go biking in SF. The first day we were in SF, all four of us biked across the Golden Gate Bridge and made it up to Battery Spencer where all of us planned to take a look at the view. As Matt and I walking around and taking pictures from the lookout I see a lady snapping pictures and simply thought she was a tourist. As Matt and I are standing there looking out over the Bay, Matt grabs my hands, starts telling me about how we’ve known each other for so long and how much he loves me, and starts to get down on his knees. I start laughing and tell him to stop kidding because he likes to joke around like this when we go on trips. He insists that he’s serious, and I don’t realize he’s telling the truth until he pulls the ring box out of his pocket and opens it. At this point I’m in total shock that I don’t even remember if I said yes. I just pull him up and kiss him. He tells me to turn around after that. At that point I realize that my friends were in on it (they’re holding up cameras and facetiming my sister) and that lady I thought was a tourist was actually the photographer he’d hired to take photos. Suffice it to say I was thoroughly shocked, but I couldn’t have been happier.


Photos by Nicole Angelo