Jennifer and Matthew

How We Met

Matt didn’t save my life, he gave me life. I am always careful not to brag about my relationship but during our engagement and our wedding celebration I will not hold back sharing how amazing of a man he is or how healing his love has been. When you’re searching for forever, search with your heart and I promise it will never steer you wrong.

Matt and I worked together for almost two years before we started dating. I admired from afar his character, work ethic and his attention and care for others. Once we were together, we became inseparable and I was in love with his soul before I knew it. Matt is the kind of romantic that listens. He’s the kind that notices things that you don’t even realize yourself. He’s the kind that will make things possible that were never once thoughts.

Our relationship has been, dare I say, how it’s supposed to be. We fell in love with each other and that meant every bad and good quality. We argue and that’s what they are, arguments. We promised to remind each other that our love is what will get us through life together but we’re human so we’ll always challenge each other and that’s how we like it. Matt has taught me and allowed me to love like I never could have imagined. He is the definition of the best friend. He is that love that is terrifying because I couldn’t imagine life without him.

How They Asked

Matt was invited to play in a hockey tournament in France in January 2020. When I tell you France has been my obsession since forever, it’s an understatement. He agreed to play and asked me to be his plus one! We spent the next few months getting a puppy, house hunting, going into contract and packing! France came at the craziest yet most perfect time in our story. When we boarded the plane with an insane itinerary awaiting our arrival, I didn’t imagine my best friend would be asking me to officially be his forever in a few days.

France… Rouen… Louviers… Paris was magical. Between hockey games and team outings, we were able to enjoy Paris and all its glory together. We toured Versailles, the Louvre, found an original Banksy and climbed the Eiffel Tower. While up in the Eiffel Tower, what seemed like miles high in the sky, I pointed at the Gardens of Trocadéro and said I wanted to go there! I heard the views were the best in the city from there and so we went. We boarded a scooter together, yes one scooter, together. He sweats and worked his butt off to get us over there and I couldn’t get the smile off my face. There she was, the Eiffel Tower, my dream has come true and I was finally there. I FaceTimed my mom to share in the sight while Matt was setting up his GoPro to get the perfect photo.

We posed together as I adjusted my hair and tried to get the perfect amount of gums for my insane grin. Like so many other moments, we were creating memories that would forever be printed in my mind and heart. Before I knew it Matt was down on one knee. I seriously can replay this feeling over and over and don’t think it will ever leave me. He left me in complete shock. The shock wasn’t disbelief it was happening it was an overwhelming rush of, this is happening! As much as I knew that we’d be together forever I have to admit, I never spent time thinking about this moment. It was just always thinking about forever and less about the details. Lucky for us, Matt is all about the details and he was perfect.

While he was staring up at me asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, holding up the most perfect Cartier gold diamond infinity band, I could have just ended it all there and died happily. I have always said I just want a plain band one day when I’m married, no solitary stone, just a thick gold band. When he held up the shiniest, most perfect band ever. He listened but in the way Matt listens, better than I could have ever known myself. I dropped to be closer to him, to tell him yes forever and to start our next chapter.

I’ll never be able to articulate how full my heart is or sum up this story properly because this moment will never end.

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