Jennifer and Manny's Art Gallery Proposal

RU-CPL-7525How we met: It was on September 7 at my close friend Jannette’s birthday. She was have a birthday party at Rise Up gallery. While I was there I met Manny. We hung out all night and had am amazing time. Our first official date was the following night.

how they asked: He proposed in the art gallery where met, Rise up gallery. We met there at one of my friends birthday and from the moment we met we fell hard for each other and fast.  On our six month anniversary he told me he was taking me to a weekend getaway and left me a letter with some money. The letter gave me specific instructions of what to pack and to buy a nice outfit for dinner. It stated when I got in the car I needed to place my phone away and not look at it so we could have a nice dinner without interruption, I was bothered about the phone but gave in. Dinner was amazing and he told me I needed to be blind folded till we get to the next destination. I kept telling him throughout the  drive I knew where he taking me. I was 100% sure he was taking me to stay the weekend at the Fontain Bleu Hotel. He just laughed the whole way.  The car finally stopped and then he opened my door. While getting out of the car I tripped. At this point I pulled the blind fold off. I looked up and we were at Rise Up Gallery. As he opened the door there were rose peddles not the floor with candles all around. There was a table in the middle with two on our pictures blown up on canvases. As we walked closer our song started playing. He whispered in my ear how this place changed his life and this was the place I was supposed to be. He got on one knee and pulled this beautiful ring out. I said yes and my first reaction was to jump up and hug him. If that was more than enough he had already told my best friends and family what he was doing. They all then walked in and we had a little celebration.  There was champagne and glasses for everyone and we all toasted to a new beginning. It was the happiest time of my life. After it was over he had rented beautiful suite at the Standard. When we walked in there was champagne with flowers. I love him so much and cannot wait to marry him. Art Gallery Proposal Art Gallery Proposal IMG_7240 Artistic Proposal Ideas IMG_7252 Artistic Proposal Ideas IMG_7338 IMG_7371 IMG_7409