Jennifer and Leon

How We Met

Whoever said you can’t find love in the club, never met us. This love story began October 2008 at Transit Night Club in Philadelphia, PA. We met on a Tuesday night (as recalled by Leon) because he was in the lower section of the club.

Initial meeting: Leon attempted to get my attention while standing at the bar however I kindly rejected his pursuit. The night went on and it wasn’t until the very end of the night until we crossed paths again. Somehow, call it fate… we wand up within arms length of eachother and the conversation began to flow. I made a joke to Leon about a woman standing close by stating, “that must be your type.” Leon quickly replied stating, “No, your my type that’s why I tried to speak earlier.” As the last song played, I prepared to leave thinking the conversation would end there. Leon insisted that we exchange phone numbers in which we did. Days later, we were headed on our first date. We decided to go to the movies even though one would think that wouldn’t be a great first date. Keeping my guard up, I insisted on driving. Not being from Philadelphia, Leon gave me directions, step by step. The car ride from West Philadelphia to Columbus Blvd took over an hour, even though there wasn’t much traffic. The conversation flowed effortlessly, asking eachother as many questions as we could think of. Once finally pulling up to the theatre, I stated “Wow, that was a long drive.” We decided on a movie and opted to see, Role Models. The movie we chose must have not been a hit because the theatre was completely empty. To this day we don’t remember the specifics of the movie just that our conversation seemed natural. After the movie we decided to end the night and we drove back to West Philadelphia. Only this time the ride was much quicker. Leon finally told me that the ride there was so long because he wanted to spend time with me and of course I was in “awe,” Over time, Leon and I got really close always wanting to be around eachother. We had a bond that couldn’t be put into words.

Shortly before meeting Leon, I moved to West Philadelphia, so this made seeing eachother often a breeze. Leon stole my heart by his level of affection and security. (I was the first one to say, I love you.)

Our relationship had it’s fair share of ups and downs and in 2013 we decided to go our separate ways. We spent the next eighteen months growing, maturing and bettering ourselves.

In October 2015, shortly after my grandmother passed away Leon and I rekindled our friendship. I say friendship because right, wrong or indifferent we always have each other’s back. After talking for several months and noticing all the changes made, we decided to give our relationship another try. After being back together for six months, we decided to move in together. We learned to communicate, compromise and value the assests that the other person brought to the table.

It’s no secret that we have both had some major losses in our life but the silverlining is that we found eachother. We are the missing pieces in the other’s jigsaw puzzle, without them you feel incomplete.

Just the 2 of us…. my love, my best friend, my happily ever after ❤

how they asked

October 15, 2017…. The only word to describe this day is “Surreal.” The day started early as we were preparing to participate in the 2017 PHILLY AIDS WALK. By 8:30am, we were at the Philadelphia Art Museum warming up and getting ready. I checked in and was told I crushed my goal of raising funds to help others.

We were met by some close friends ready to walk along side of us. Around 9:30am, our walk to the finish line was underway. Approximately 3.1 miles later and we were crossing the finish line. I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing why I do this walk every year. I can’t bring my mom back but I will definitely keep her memory alive. After some celebratory photos we walked as a group to the “Rocky steps.” As we approached the steps, I noticed a few familiar faces. They shocked me and I was left speechless. Moments later the man that stole my heart almost 9 years ago was on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Being “us” we shared a few jokes just him and I. Shortly after, I quickly answered and of course I said, “YES!” I love you with all my heart Leon and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you❤

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