Jennifer and Kirk

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How We Met

I was waiting for the salesman at Mini of Annapolis to come back with some numbers on my trade-in when all of a sudden I feel my phone vibrate. The screen flashes “message from Kirk Hurley”. I open my Plenty of Fish app to see who this “Kirk Hurley” was; his profile seemed legit, he seemed like a decent person, so I figured why not? I replied to his simple “hello, how are you” with a detailed paragraph of my current situation, asking if he knew anything about Mini Coopers.

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Though my elaborate response threw him off, he continued to message me throughout the week. We finally agreed to meet up on Solomon’s Island, so we could meet in person. Usually, first meetings are awkward, but I instantly felt comfortable with him. So comfortable that I wouldn’t shut up the entire walk around the island. The rest is history!

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how they asked

I had been on him about proposing for months (I never said I was a patient person). He mostly blew me off, which at the time was rather frustrating, but little did I know he already had something in the works. Come July I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, to which he suggested having a cookout at his parents’ house. Naturally, I get to planning, not realizing what was going on around me.

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The morning of the cookout he suggests we go to breakfast before setting up, saying that he wanted to get “dressed up”.At first, I thought it was weird, but I didn’t question it any further. Instead, I tell him I am not changing outfits, that I am wearing my “set up clothes” (yoga pants and a t-shirt) and we can just go somewhere more relaxed. Fast forward to arriving at his parents’ house, his mom and brother met us as we pulled up.

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His mom explains that she had a surprise for us and needed us to put on blindfolds (of course they put mine on first so I wouldn’t see that Kirk didn’t put his on). His brother takes my arm and walks me behind their house, where everything was set up. Once everyone was in position, his brother asked if I was ready. As I said yes he pulled off the blindfold and kneeling in front of me was Kirk.

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We were surrounded by balloons and rose petals, and he had letter balloons spelling out “marry me” behind him. I was beyond shocked I didn’t even hear what he said, all I could make out was “will you marry me”. Instantly I started crying, I couldn’t even answer him. Finally, when I found my voice, I said yes! Once the shock wore off I realized he had “our song” playing the background. It was so perfect!

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Special Thanks

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