Jennifer and Kevin

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How We Met

After graduating from Bloomsburg University in 2012, I accepted a job offer that required me to move to Mount Laurel, New Jersey. This meant picking up and leaving my hometown of Horsham, Pennsylvania. I was hesitant to leave my family and friends but excited to start a new chapter of my life. After living in Mount Laurel for a few months, I reconnected with an old college friend, who had also moved to New Jersey for a job opportunity. She had just moved in with her boyfriend and invited me over for an Oktoberfest party. She told me that her boyfriend was inviting his college roommate and that he was “single and handsome”. After that comment, I obviously looked him up on Facebook to see if he was someone I would potentatially be interested in. Needless to say, I put on my cutest outfit, picked up a pumpkin bread, and started driving up north. As soon as I got there, I pulled into a parking spot, looked over, and saw the cute guy that I had previously seen on Facebook! Turns out, we got to the party at the EXACT same time and parked RIGHT next to each other. It was almost like it was meant to be! I got out of my car and tried to play it cool. I noticed we both had pumpkin related items in our hands so I asked him if he was there for the party. He said yes and we both started making our way to the door. As soon as we walk in, my friend said “OH YOU GUYS ALREADY MET?!”. As if this wasn’t awkward enough, we both looked at each other and realized that this was most likely a set up. We placed our stuff down and started mingling with everyone at the party. After a few hours, most of the guests started leaving. It was then that we realized we were the only ones staying over night since we both lived over an hour away from their house. So we put on our PJ’s, made some snacks, and ended up talking the ENTIRE night! He eventually worked up the confidence to kiss me. The next morning, we had breakfast with our friends before traveling back home. On our way back to our cars, I told him to take my number and text me some time. As I got into my car, I frantically called my mom and told her that was the BEST KISS OF MY LIFE! One day later, I ended up texting him (because I couldn’t wait any longer) and he asked me out on our first date. The rest is history….

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how they asked

On a rainy Monday night, Kevin asked me if I wanted to go to Wildwood, NJ that coming Friday for dinner and fireworks on the beach. Since he grew up in Wildwood, he got the opportunity to see fireworks every Friday night! On the other hand, since I grew up in Horsham, I only got to see fireworks a few times a year. Since those days were so rare, they were very special to me. When Friday rolled around, it was raining. I was so bummed that our plans were ruined. Kevin assured me that it was okay because we could just reschedule our plans for the following Friday. In the mean time, we had a gift card to the Knife & Fork Inn in Atlantic City. Kevin had taken me there for Valentines Day the previous year, so that place always had a special place in my heart. Kevin then suggested that we use the gift card on Saturday. That night, I was getting ready and asked him what I should wear. He suggested a dress and told me to “pick a good one”. I proceeded to ask him what shoes I should wear and gave him two options: gold flip flops or red wedges. He picked the flip flops and I asked why he chose them. He simply said ‘because they look better:”. Little did I know that he was giving me subtle hints the entire time. Dinner was amazing! We ordered like royalty and had such a great time with each other, like always. Two hours later, we walk out of the restaurant and heard fireworks going off. Kevin told me to run so we didn’t miss them. He grabbed my hand and we started sprinting to the boardwalk. Once we got there, he said “come on” and pulled me down to the beach. I took my shoes off and we walked along the water as the fireworks lit the sky. I told him to take his shoes off and join me, so he bent down to untie his laces. At that moment in my life, time stopped and my heart started beating a little faster. A few seconds later our eyes met like never before. He grabbed my hand and said “Jen, I love you more than you will ever know, and together, I feel as though we can conquer the world. Will you marry me?”. I was so shocked, I couldn’t even speak. Eventually, I was able to mutter the word “YES” as he slid the most beautiful diamond ring on my finger. To this day, everything is still so surreal. I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have the most PERFECT fiancé and the most PERFECT ring! Kevin and I are so excited to start this next chapter of our lives TOGETHER!

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