Jennifer and Kenny

how we met

Kenny and I have know each other since we were 14 years old through mutual friends. We were acquaintances we even use to dance together at a school called Salsa Fever and danced several quinces together lol. We went to same High School together with no actual interest in one another. We were both different.

He was a very popular club DJ and class clown and I was like a high school nerd. Haha. When I was 21 years old and he was 23 he decided to randomly write to me on Facebook and we went on a date to the Ultra Music Festival and been inseparable since then. He said he wrote to me because he saw we hung out in the same places and we liked similar things. I didn’t think much of it. I was really shy back then and I use to have a secret crush on him but was too shy to ever show it.

how they asked

The proposal was definitely a surprise for me. We were planning my 30th birthday party. I’m very indecisive so I jump around from the different places I wanted to be. My birthday is St Patrick’s Day so it’s VERY common for us to be with my family and a TON of friends at an event and I would never think anything of it. When I couldn’t make up my mind, kenny said I’m going to plan it. I didn’t think anything of it! I was like alright cool! He planned us to go to Top Golf in Miami Gardens. Apparently he would just stay “late at work” and go to Top Golf to talk to management about how to plan this. He rented out several booths and invited our parents and close friends. It was my 30th birthday so I did not think much of of 30 people being around me haha.
Earlier that day he took me to the mall and told me to buy my outfit. He was stressing out what he was going to wear but I wasn’t because I was thrilled to wear a “I’m 30 shirt” which he was trying to drift me from that idea but I’m so simple that I didn’t care haha. When I got to Top golf I did notice my friends were super dressed up and I was laughing about my 30 shirt and I was like later when we go out I will dress up! We spent a few hours playing golf, eating and drinking. Everyone decked out in green for St Patrick’s Day! When the supposed birthday cake comes out I got embarrassed because I really wasn’t thrilled about turning 30 plus Top Golf sent out their entire staff to sing to me little did I know a huge plate said “will you marry me?” I’m so obvious that I did not read it. I stood there waiting for everyone to sing but no one sang.
My friend told me Jenny read the Damn plate already! I looked down and I was like WHAT! Kenny ok his knee behind me the whole time with a scared smile on his face. I just bursted into tears and told him to stand up and he’s like does that mean yes and I’m like “no wonder you invited the whole world here” and of course it’s yes silly! I’m shaking the whole time in complete shock. My friends were ready with shirts that said Yes and I put a ring on it! Top Golf had “she said yes” on all the TV screens and the cart below for the whole 4 floors to see what was going on. It was a dream come true! I was in shock and shaking and didn’t know how to act. And I’m like damn I’m dressed so bad for the occasion but I’m happy I painted my nails yesterday! Lol then I realized my friend Dee was recording the whole day and I have a video on YouTube of the whole process.
My friends said I’m very oblivious as to what is happening around me meanwhile Kenny thought I knew and I had no idea he’s been planning this for weeks. Top Golf was very excited because this was their first proposal.

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