Jennifer and Ken

How We Met

I was living in Atlanta at the time – and happened to be dateless at a wedding two years ago when a friend and his wife asked me, “So Jenn, how’s dating going?!” Of course I answered honestly – “It sucks!” And the rest is history. My friend Ryan immediately picked up his phone during cocktail hour and called his oldest, closest friend who also happened to be single and apparently shared quite a few things in common with me – including traveling all around the world, loving Cross-fit and working out in general, and more. Only catch? He lived in Orange County, California and wasn’t willing to relocate.

Jennifer's Proposal in Downtown Los Angeles

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Downtown Los Angeles

I was completely apprehensive to embark upon a long distance relationship as I had never done so before and heard nothing but horror stories. Additionally, I had just purchased a fixer upper home in Buckhead Atlanta and was beginning renovations in two days!! Yet I went with my heart rather then my brain and agreed to talk to Ken via FaceTime the following day. Nothing in this world has felt easier than dating Ken – so much so that I willingly rented out my newly renovated house a year later, packed up all my belongings, and my little King Charles Cavalier named Lucy and I made the official move to Orange County!!

how they asked

Ken is probably one of the most selfless people I know, so it’s no surprise he pooped the question during his birthday weekend. I planned a staycation for us to drive to LA, have dinner, drinks and see an Ed Sheeran concert. Ken let the entire evening go as I planned, however when we returned back to our hotel room I noticed there was something all over the floor. At first I thought the hotel staff forgot to clean our room, but then realized there were rose petals scattered everywhere! I was so confused considering this was weekend was MY plan – but once ken has me sit down and he knelt in front of me, my heart began racing and I knew what question was coming next!