Jennifer and Justin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our families home

How We Met

We met right after college, in the summer of 2016! We were both just starting out our careers, and trying to figure out adult life at the same time. It’s so cliche, but we really became best friends from the start. We spent every single day of that summer together, it was the best summer ever! Not much changed as the seasons went on- we were still always wanting to be together, and really fell for each other right away.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At our families home

Jennifer and Justin's Engagement in At our families home

How They Asked

Justin’s proposal was a COMPLETE surprise! Of course, I knew we were serious about being together, we had just signed a lease for our first place together, and had been dating about 3 years. But- I had no idea what he was planning or any hint that it would be coming soon. Of course, I was so ready to be engaged to the love of my life, but I truly didn’t expect it to happen this day!

We have a tradition of always finding and wearing the funniest ugly Christmas sweaters around the holiday season. This year, our ugly sweater party had to be canceled last minute, and we were both pretty bummed about it! Christmas Eve came around, and both sets of our parents & siblings planned to spend Christmas Eve together. I didn’t find this suspicious at all- since we all celebrated Thanksgiving and other holidays together earlier in the year!

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When I arrived, the vibe was TENSE! I had no clue it was because of how stressed my soon to be Fiance was, I just assumed some of his siblings had been arguing before I walked in the door! Finally, I suggested we should open gifts! We sat down, and Chloe (Justin’s little sister) told us she would take some pictures while we opened gifts (again, I didn’t catch on… I just figured it would make a cute pic for the ‘gram later!).

Justin opened my gifts, and then it was my turn. He handed me a wrapped clothing box and my first thought was “oh gosh, did he try to buy clothes for me?!”. I opened it slowly… feeling pretty confused on why he got me clothes!

When I finally got into the box, there was an “ugly” sweater inside. It said, “Will you be my Mrs. Smiley?” (Yes, he has the cutest last name ever!).

I still cry thinking about this moment… All I remember is reading the sweater so many times, and then finally looking up and seeing Justin in front of me down on one knee.

I was so shocked the only thing that came out of my mouth (100 times) was “Are you serious?!”. I could not believe that it was really happening- that I was REALLY going to get to marry this man! I ugly cried, fell to my knees with him (poor guy had to ask me to stand up so many times)!

Eventually, after asking if he was serious a few more times and between the sobbing, I said YES! Instantly our parents and all of our siblings were around us with hugs, champagne, and celebration- it was honestly perfect having everyone there!

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