Jennifer and Joshua


How We Met

Joshua and I have grown up together all our lives. Our families have been good friends for many years. His mom, my now awesome mother-in-law, cradled me in her arms as a baby. As time went on, our families would enjoy a card game at the table as the children would play together. Years passed and the children all began to grow up and get involved in separate activities. Nonetheless, we all remained friends. One summer, everything began to change. Josh and I began to exchange conversations daily over the internet (Facebook to be exact!haha). Our conversations grew from a friendly, “how are you doing”, to “let’s hang out when I’m in town”. You see at this time Josh was busy helping in moving his family up to Alaska from California and I was in California enjoying my summer vacation.

When Josh returned from Alaska, he had two short weeks before making his move to Riverside to attend a university. Josh and I took advantage and got a group of friends together to hang out. Of course we had alternative motive, in really just wanting to spend time together and get to know each other for more than friends. Well we did just that and we let the sparks fly within us! Josh was off to college and so the letter writing began. We exchanged letters weekly and were racing to the phone to be sure neither of us missed a call or a text! We decided to put things to rest about 7 months later as Josh was focusing on his first year at a university and I was focusing on preparing for my senior year. 6 months later, we couldn’t resist it any longer.

We talked one Saturday night for hours into the morning as we discussed whether or not we should reconcile our relationship. We knew that if we reconciled then this would be it, it would end up in marriage. We decided we wanted to return to a relationship and Josh sat down with my dad to ask permission to pursue me. My dad gave Josh the green light! And so our journey before marriage began. We loved the dating stage, but we were eager to begin our lives together. We decided, through prayer, that our time had come to make start the true journey to marriage, the proposal.

how they asked

Josh and I had different conversations about different things that I wanted to do together that summer. We began talking about the possibility of going to Alaska to visit his family. I never thought of this as a reality, but I dreamt about it! I awed at pictures on Pinterest of Alaska and listened eagerly to Josh’s stories of Alaska. One evening Josh called me and told me that we were going to Alaska in 4 months and our flights had already been booked. I was ecstatic!! Then he said, “you are coming back with a ring”. I FREAKED! What else is a girl supposed to do? The next day I received a text from one of Josh and I’s best friends. This friend, Jeff, is the kind of man that would not hurt a fly. Thus, I could never even dream of him lying to me! Jeff text me and accidentally ‘slipped’ that Josh was going to propose at the beach (we had already planned a beach trip).

What else was I supposed to do, but believe him? So I did, without hesitation! Josh (whom had previously spoken with my father) and I made our way to Alaska and so began the proposal trip, unbeknownst to me! Just a couple days after our arrival, Josh and I decided that we wanted to go on a morning hike. Monday morning I woke up and eagerly awaiting the sound of his footsteps coming down the stairs! But all I ever heard was crickets…crickets…crickets. I presumed that he had missed his alarm and I began getting ready for the day. I ironed my clothes, put my makeup on, and still no sign of Josh. Since I had extra time than I had planned on, I decided to curl my hair. Surprisingly, his mom walked down the stairs and asked if I was almost ready for the day. Just a few minutes later I walked up the stairs and into the living room expecting to see his family.

To my surprise, I saw his mom standing in the kitchen alone. She walked towards me with a card and said that Josh had wrote a card for me. I sat down and read as he told me how he loved and that I would be spending the day with his mom. Now this is where I always get asked, did you know? From the first card to seeing his handsome face, I had Jeff’s words ringing in the back of my head. Therefore, I assumed it was a nice day with his mom! And off we went!


We started at Starbucks for breakfast (his sister joined in). Next came a card to send me off to the hair salon to get my hair done.


Now that my hair was done he was sending me on my way to get my nails done with another card. We then returned to his house for the day, or so I thought.


I walked into the bedroom that his sister was letting me share with her, and there on the bed lay a dress and another card. At the end of the card Josh wrote, “meet me at a place with a great view”.


I freshened up and off we were! We drove and drove and drove! Until finally, we pulled into a parking lot and I caught a glimpse of him standing there awaiting my arrival. I walked towards him beaming from ear to ear. He held my hands and told me all about his love for me.


And then it came…with snow covered mountains in the background and trees behind us, Josh got down on one knee, pulled out a rose, and asked if he could spend his life loving me.


Without hesitation, I responded with nothing less than a “YES” full of joy and excitement!! PS. Did you catch that he had placed the ring inside the rose?


What a blessed gal I am! I am thankful to now be reflecting on our past year of marriage and couldn’t help but share our love story with others!


(His mom documented the entire day, she used to be a photographer-so it was not out of the ordinary for her to always have her camera!)