Jennifer and Jose Oscar

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How We Met

Funny thing about how we met was that Jose’ had moved in next door to my house in Lake Worth, Florida to help his parents. As time went on I kept asking his mom who the “good looking son” was because I just thought Jose’ was the most handsome man I had ever seen. He was spoken for and so was I at the time. But at time went forward my relationship ended and I began to take more notice of Jose’. I would be sure to be outside when he left for work and say good morning and how are you? Being a nice neighbor he would of course say Hi and Can’t Call it….it kinda became a habit of ours. I am sure he thought I was a crazy lady until one night we got to talking and he had this smile that he shot my way and I knew at that time we were going to be together….He needed a little more convincing. We then began to really spend time together at the pool in our community and found out our lives were always in line and we had literally lived in close proximity of each other since childhood from New Jersey to Philadelphia to Florida but those paths never crossed even though he worked at the stores I shopped at in New Jersey. We both went to Enchante’ in Cherry Hill at the same time. He was also on Dancin’ on Air and we went to the same ‘Hang out Spots” from back in the day. We found out we lived about 5 blocks away from each other in Philly and also in Florida and his darn truck would be blasting music at the McDonald’s where I lived in the wee hours of the morning that was actually like an alarm for me to get up to go to my early morning inventory job. I would be getting coffee and he would be there in the lot having his after work dinner…..So there it was that one fateful smile and we were kinda inseparable. We didn’t rush into anything but got to know each other and shared all the funny things from our past and tried to figure out why we never met until now. We then figured out it was because God wanted to prepare us to meet after we went through all the trials and tribulations we went through so we could be each others support and strength when it was needed most. Well after about a 3 month flirting courtship we did end up dating and then his parents decided to move. That was very scary as they wanted him to go with them…I did not want that. Jose’ ended up staying with his brother after the parentals moved and it wasn’t too long that he just ended up staying with me. He helped me in so many ways by believing in me and allowing me to trust in myself and a relationship. Time went on and we decided to move and bought out house in Lake Placid, FL and have never looked back. Almost 4 years later I cannot see myself without him and I think he feels the same. I know he does but I like to throw that out there to make him laugh.

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How They Asked

Christmas 2020, which also happens to be my birthday (the bride), Jose’ got me a promise/mini engagement ring for Great Times to Come. As time went on we talked about when we would get married and the timing was never quite right until Feb 5th, 2022. We were sitting at the house talking about things with his parents who were visiting at the time and the wedding talk happened. Before I knew it the date of 11/11/2022 was brought up and Jose’ looked at me and said “I want to get married on that date” and I said YES!!! It is his father’s birthday and it is also Vetran’s day and I thought what a better way to celebrate with his dad and on a day that honors my late grandfather. And now the show begins

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Special Thanks

Jennifer Kraengel
 | Photographer
Jose' Oscar Alvelo Rodriguez
 | Planning