Jennifer and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jonathan and I Met back in 2011 through our church. We Met through friends and he asked me on a date pretty soon after that. We went on one date, but he got a pretty quick no from me, but kept pursuing. We started working together and you know that always makes things a liiiiiittttle more complicated. About 6 months later, we gave dating a shot… but the timing just wasn’t right and after a few months, we parted ways. This began a series of persistent pursuit from Jonathan that didn’t let down. After a few more no’s from me, handwritten letters to tell me how he felt, another relationship, hard conversations and persistence + patience… My heart started to change. When I finally let go of control and expectation, something happened that was better than I could have imagined. He brought us back together. And this time- both of our hearts were ready for what was in store. We started dating in January and its been a whirlwind of romance since then. I am a FIRM believer that timing is everything… And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

how they asked

Well, I was under the impression that Jonathan was is Missouri for work on Friday. One of my best friends Meghan and I had already planned a girls night for this night weeks in advance and it isn’t uncommon for us to go get our nails done and make dinner. Well tonight after we finished getting our nails done, Meghan told me she needed to go over to Ponce City Market to pick up something that she had ordered. I was fine with that because we didnt have to be anywhere in a hurry.

As we are driving over, we started reminiscing about the past. Meghan got married last year and we had moved out of this house in Midtown that was home for me for over 4 years. I loved every moment in that house. It It was a special place and it was typical of us to talk about what a sweet season it was there. It meant so much to me.

I think one of the most significant things about that place (especially that porch) is that its where Jonathan and I had very difficult conversations. After he had written me letters putting it all on the line, I had to sit him down on that porch and tell him that it just wasn’t ever going to happen and he needed to know that I wasn’t there.

As typical sentimental girls do, we decide we want to drive by the old house. As we pull up, I am in total shock to see the most beautiful set up and Jonathan sitting on the front stairs.

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Tears immediately come because I know what this means. He comes to get me, takes me inside and onto the front porch. We sit down on the swing and he reminds me about the time 3 years ago that we sat in the same spot and I told him to move on and how thankful he is that he didnt. He then begins to tell me so many sweet things about why he loves me and how the timing of it all couldn’t be more perfect. He leans over and picks up a New York Times and tells me how when we started dating this time around he knew something was different. That paper was on January 21 after one of our dates.

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He said he knew that moment that he was going to marry me, so he stopped on the way home and got a New York Times from that day. He gave it to me here- and yes, I melted.

Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and of COURSE I said absolutely!!!

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I can’t believe that I get to spend the rest of my life with this man. The way he has pursued me is the picture of what any girl could want or hope for. Persistence pays off!

Also, Shoutout to the college girls who live in Myrtle now for letting Jonathan use the porch and give me the most meaningful and beautiful proposal ever!

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