Jennifer and Johnathan

How We Met: We met in high school when he was in my science class and dating my best friend. That didn’t work out for them, however a bit after high school a guy broke my heart and John was kind enough to take me out for ice cream and lazer tag to cheer me up. We started dating November 15 2009 and it was impossible not to feel strong feelings for each other. Funny thing is we never saw each other in that light before but the way our lives lined up we had more things about our personalities and lives that just worked together and even today built us  a strong relationship together. He’s kind, caring, patient and always keeps me laughing even after being with him after almost 6 years!


how they asked: We went to Cuba for two weeks between July and August for his uncle’s renewal of vows to a Cuban girl, so the entire week was full of seeing things and new experiences (collecting shells, riding scooters, swimming in water that ran off the mountains) . The one day we were visiting some of their relatives and when we were taking a ride on our scooter back to the resort, we took a detour to the beach beside their home.

It was almost sunset and he took me down the beach for a walk. I was so hot I thought we were going swimming but I never thought anything of it when we were just walking. I was admiring the mountains and ocean view and he asked me if I thought it was a nice beach (I presume making sure the moment was perfect) after fumbling with his “waist pack” (aka fanny pack) I thought he was getting his camera but instead he pulled out a shell. He told me when we first stepped foot into the ocean, a perfect clean shell washed up and he grabbed it right away. He then said (because we were having a rough weekend) that he wanted it to represent the start to a new week (then flipped it over) and a start to a new life time. He asked me to marry him and a wave washed up right to his shorts! I was shaking but so happy.


Our family was back to celebrate with us when we reached the hotel. I am so ecstatic I got to say yes to being the future Mrs.Happy.