Jennifer and John

How We Met: John and I met on a birthday party bus of a mutual friend. She was my childhood best friend who ended up being John’s college friend.

Image 2 of Jennifer and John

How I Asked: All week my plan was to propose on a Friday. On Monday I began to narrow down the rings. I looked at several different types of rings and narrowed down the style and type of rings that I thought were best. I told the lady at the ring store, Yola, that I would be back the next day to look at more. That night she pulled several rings based upon what I had told her I liked.

The next day when I went to the ring store, she had several rings picked out for me to choose from. I chose the band and began to look at diamonds. After choosing the diamond, they began to set the diamond in the band. They said it would take a few days. On Thursday, while I was coming back from San Francisco, they emailed me and said the ring was ready. On Friday morning I picked up the ring and brought it back to work.

All day Friday I could not focus at work. I waited until around 3:30 and called Jennifer’s Dad, Dan. I was nervous that he was not going to answer and I really did not have much of a backup plan if he did not answer. I made sure that he did not tell Becki because I knew Jennifer would want to tell her herself. I eventually left work and began to prepare for the proposal. I went home and showed Jack the ring to make sure he approved.

I told Jennifer that I was going to take Jack for a walk and that she could pick us up on her way home from work. I put the ring in a silly putty container (instead of having a noticeable ring box) and put it in my pocket. I walked to Balboa Park and began to wait. Jennifer got off of work late and then took the wrong exit and went to the wrong part of Balboa Park. I ended up waiting for over an hour and a half, but she was worth the wait.

When she finally got to where I was, she was ready to pick me up and head home. I told her that she had to park because there was a dog that looked like Jack and I wanted to show her. She parked and I walked to where I said the dog that looked like Jack was. Once we got to where I was going to propose I told Jennifer that the dog must have left because he wasn’t there anymore. I was very nervous, and so to distract her and not sound suspicious I told her that I was not feeling well.

Randomly, we had KFC for lunch at work, so I blamed it on that. I was about to take the ring out of my pocket but I saw two kids riding scooters. Jack barks at people riding scooters, so I was worried that he would try to run after them and I would lose the ring. When the coast was clear I asked Jennifer if she wanted to get a picture taken by a young woman who was photographing flowers in the park.

After Jennifer asked the young woman to take our picture we got in front of the lily pond and started to pose for the picture. When she got ready to take the picture I pulled the ring out of my pocket and got down on one knee.

Image 1 of Jennifer and John

Jennifer got giddy when she saw me drop to one knee. I asked her to marry me and she let out a squeal of excitement. She didn’t answer the question, so I asked again. She said yes! Many people around us at the park started clapping. As we walked back to the car Jennifer’s hands were shaking. Jennifer called her mom and made up a reason why she needed to Skype with her.

We got her on the screen and shared the big news with her and Jennifer’s dad and family. That night we went to my mom’s condo for dinner and surprised everyone with the news. My Mom, my Step-dad Roger, Uncle Dave, Uncle Steve and Aunt Karla, and several family friends were in town. We spent that night celebrating. That weekend we stayed at a resort in Coronado and kept celebrating. It was the best day and weekend of my life.