Jennifer and Jedrick

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How We Met

Jed and I first met in our sophomore year of high school. He was a friend of a friend who I occasionally said hi to after my third period chemistry class. Fast forward to halfway through our senior year and some boyfriends/girlfriends after, I found myself without a date to winter formal. I was either going to go stag or not go at all (and really, who wants to go stag). Our mutual friend, Anthony, suggested to Jed that he ask me to winter formal, which he did and of course, I said yes. About a month or so after he asked me to winter formal, we had just gotten back from a boba run and on the walk back to my house, under a beautiful full harvest moon, Jed turned to me and asked me to be his girlfriend. The best decision of my life, to that moment, was saying yes. We soon graduated from high school together and started college together. It’s a rare thing nowadays, but I’m so lucky that he is my high school sweetheart. The subject of marriage and a life together after came up all the time since then but we never had a serious talk about it until half way after our sixth year anniversary. We both agreed we would wait to be more financially secure before he asked me. Little did I know, Jed decided then and there that he wanted to ask me and he wanted it to be sooner.

how they asked

I come from a huge family – my dad’s side alone is roughly 50 people. Jed knew from the beginning that if he were ever to ask me to marry him, he had to not only ask my parents but my sisters, brother and cousins who were next important people in my life. I stressed this point repeatedly because it was important to me that my future husband not only be accepted by my immediate family but my extended as well. Lucky for me, they approved whole-heartedly. In December 2015, a group of friends and I planned an early Christmas celebration to eat good food and swap Secret Santa gifts. My friend Nicole came over, we did our hair and make up together and we went over to her boyfriend’s house, where the party was being held. Walking through the side of his house, we entered his backyard that was lit beautifully with bistro-style lights, a huge Christmas tree and mason jars filled with candles lining a path. This is the moment, you would think, that maybe some sort of bell would go off in my head – but nope, I excused it as beautiful Christmas decorations. We were a little early so Nicole and Darryl steered me over to the patio where a projector and bench was waiting. Handing me a blanket, Darryl pressed play on his laptop and as they stepped back, they told me to watch. Confused, I sat and watched a homemade video of old photos and videos from the early years of Jed and I. I laughed and wondered what on earth was going on with my eyebrows at the time. Again, for normal people, major alarms would be going off in their heads as they realized what exactly was going on, but no, not I. It wasn’t until Jed stepped out into the patio, dressed to the nines, asking me to dance at the end of the video. We slow-danced and he was saying all these beautiful, lovely, romantic things that I can’t remember now for the life of me — in case you’re wondering, no, I still have no clue what’s going on at this point — until he steps back, reaches behind a pillar, goes down on one knee and opens a wooden box holding the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. Amidst my “WHAT”‘s and “WHAT IS GOING ON”, I made the next best decision of my life and said yes one more time.

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