Jennifer and James

How We Met

I was working at my old job and Jim walked in. I thought he was very handsome and we talked as I gave him a tour of where I was working. After talking the whole time I thought I would do something that I’ve never done… Give a man my phone number! I thought he seemed fun and nice and that he, I and some of our friends could all get together. The rest is history as we spent every single day together for months after!

how they asked

It was the weekend it snowed here in Georgia. It was so cold outside but the light dusting of snow made it worth every bit of the cold! Jim told me to get up and get ready in something warm because we were going on an adventure. I wasn’t sure where he was taking me but I was more than excited for an adventure with my best friend, so he didn’t have to tell me twice to get ready! We ended up at Barnsley Gardens which looked absolutely beautiful in the snow. We walked up to the ruins of the old mansion on the property and began to explore. It was beautiful, with no one around he dropped to one knee and proposed! It was like something out of a dream.