Jennifer and James

How We Met

James & I actually met on Tinder 6 years ago. Although it is more common nowadays, we met in the evolving era of Tinder and not long after it was first released and people were shocked when you told them you met there! It was an interesting time for me as I was at my first HSC exam when we started talking.

After two weeks of talking to one another and sneaking outside the house when I should have really been studying and telling my parents I was going for a “walk” we made it official 1 day after my last HSC exam. James and I kicked it off from the start, what was even more amazing was we lived only 10 minutes apart and we went to school in the same suburb but had never crossed paths despite how many mutual friends we had known.

From day 1 we have been inseparable, seeing each other pretty much every day since the day we had first met. We have shared a lot of great experiences together from experiencing the finishing of school to the finishing of uni to starting our careers and the purchase of our new home we have gotten to move into in August 2019, I cannot wait till our Wedding day on April 26th 2020 and what the next chapter of our lives has in store for us!

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How They Asked

Even though James had always known that I wanted to get engaged and married young and knew how I would want to be proposed too, I had always told him to do it in his special way and make it unique and he completely outdid himself.

The way in which James proposed was he told me a few weekends before he was taking me somewhere nice for lunch at Jonah’s at Whale Beach a place I had bragged on for ages about and at one of our favorite beaches to visit. It was a bit funny because during our car ride up, James was rather quite and he was getting messages the whole time but he wouldn’t tell me who it was even though we always show each other everything.

Throughout the trip, James told me that the reservation had to get pushed back and that we will just go over to Whale Beach and go for a bit of a walk to kill some time. As we arrived to the beach I remember how quiet it was and there was absolutely no one in sight making what happened next even more of an amazing surprise.

As we started walking down the empty quiet beach, we started nearing some signs which had a personalized message on each until we reached the final one that asked me to marry him, right in front of this amazing setup picnic for us to each after, I was completely taken aback! Even though James is not a very emotional person he burst out in tears and that was something I had never witnessed before my man crying out of pure happiness and joy. Even though I didn’t cry watching the amazing photos and videos from these days bring tears to my eyes as I can’t believe after what everything we have gone through we are now engaged and get to start another chapter of our lives!

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