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How We Met

We were set up by his sister Lonnie and my good friend Melissa. Lonnie texted Melissa to make sure I go to the VFW Karaoke that night. Melissa told me about Jim and I said: “well, I was already going tonight but now I know I better dress pretty.” Poor guy, though, did not know what his sister was up to. He had come down to visit and planned to return home that evening. Guess he found a good reason to stay around longer that night! I remember that night and how nervous I was. The moment he walked in, I knew this guy was something. For the record, he had a beard that night and I’m not a beard kinda girl but boy, did he look good. We had a great time meeting one another with a great group of friends.

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how they asked

Jim and I have been together going on all sorts of adventures and enjoying having fun so we fell out of going to karaoke. Lonnie, Jim’s sister, asked if we would go and watch her husband, Bob, sing (who is an awesome singer). We said we’d go but not stay too late. Jim suggested making it a date night, get a bottle of wine and eat at our favorite restaurant, Ginno’s Italian, and then, head out to the VFW. Cool beans with me. Get dressed up, go eat, and meet up with everyone. Funny thing is everyone there were the same friends the night we met. I don’t notice this till later. Lonnie pops up and asks “bro, you gonna sing tonight?” What??? He’s tone deaf and doesn’t sing. Heck, the guy barely speaks in public. He says, “maybe.” My mind is like “huh?” A little later I hear the dj call Jim’s name and Jim goes up to the mic.

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Of course, I go up with my phone and decide to record this. I mean this is definitely stepping out of his comfort zone. He begins to speak (remember he can’t sing) the song Close Enough Perfect by Alabama. It’s a favorite of ours – it totally describes me – go watch it on YouTube. When he finishes the song, I’m turning off the camera, not realizing that he’s reaching into his front pocket and walking to me. I look up to see a ring and him kneeling in front of me! Tears in his eyes and shock on my face! In hindsight, I should’ve figured it out but I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t. That proposal was the most creative idea. Come to find out, he’d asked his sister to help plan this and get everyone there that was with us the night we met. His brother in law has a karaoke set up at home. Jim spent hours on the system figuring out how to sing the song.

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He also made sure to record Jim and the proposal. During the day, Jim had flowers delivered to my work. At the end, he hid rose petals under our quilt to have a quick romantic bedroom scene when we got home. One last detail, he told me that I could not tell him “no” for any reason that weekend. Can’t say no to whatever we do. Guess he was making sure he’d get a yes. I’ll always say yes to him!!!

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Special Thanks

Lonnie Yates
 | Just being the best big sister ever!
Melissa Boyer
 | Being a cheerleader for love and getting me to my Mr. J