Jennifer and Jake

Where to Propose in Top Golf, The Colony, Tx

how they asked

Jake’s best friend approached me about planning a surprise birthday party, so I (of course) took the request and ran with it. His favorite place is Top Golf, so I figured “what a perfect birthday venue!” I thought I was being sneaky by stopping at his parents house to invite them to the party and messaging all of his best friends. I ordered balloons and had one of my friends pick them up on the way to the birthday, and even baked 3 dozen cupcakes and had my family bring them- all in an attempt to keep it a surprise. Little did I know, he planted the seed for this whole party. The one requirement I had was to have all of my friends and family in one place to celebrate after we got engaged, I never dreamed he would actually propose in front of all 22 people! I am not a golfer, I pretty much go to Top Golf To have a few drinks and hang out. Jake’s mom kept telling me I need to hit a few, so I did. And every time I tried to run away, there she was handing me a new club to try. “Maybe you’ll have better luck with this one.” So, I continue to entertain the group with my terrible golf swing. As soon as I hit my third golf-ball, I turn around and there’s Jake, on one knee.

My first reaction was, “oh my god!” as I dropped the club and jumped backwards (thankfully not falling off the second story platform). He turned his own birthday party into an engagement party, while having me plan it… I guess the surprise was really on me.

Jennifer and Jake's Engagement in Top Golf, The Colony, Tx