Jennifer and Jake

Image 1 of Jennifer and Jake

How We Met

We met online after I had just moved to Eau Claire WI. I didn’t know anyone in the area and was looking for some friends. At the time I wasn’t interested in dating, but he had other plans. He persevered and won me over.

How They Asked

One of our first adventures together was a hiking trip at Wildcat Mound. It was so beautiful and romantic. It was at this place that I knew I had fallen for him. We made time every year in the fall to go back and hiking to the top of the cliff to see the leaves changing color. Last summer we bought a camper and Jake mentioned that he really wanted to camp for a weekend at Wildcat before the camping season was over this year. We had one weekend available that already didn’t have anything going on. However, with me working as a nurse and a full time student in grad school, I told Jake there was no way I could get camping things ready in time. He said he wanted to go so bad that he’d do all the packing and get everything ready we needed. Friday came around and we left and set up our campsite. I was exhausted after a busy week but Jake insisted we hike to the cliff to watch the sunset. He packed a bag with a blanket to sit on, some snacks, and wine to share. I did not think anything about it. We get to the top and he mentions he bought a tripod for my cellphone so we can take some nice pictures. Again, I didn’t think anything unusual was going on as I always complain that we never have anyone around to take nice pictures of us there. He set up the tripod and we took some photos. Then he got down on one knee and professed his never ending love to me. I of course said yes! We were able to celebrate the whole weekend together at a place that is truly special to the both of us.