Jennifer and Greg

How We Met: Greg & I met in high school. He was a Senior and I was a Freshman at Sterling High School in Somerdale, NJ. We were introduced by a mutual friend and he asked me to be his girlfriend about 4 months later on his couch while we watched The Fast and the Furious.


I still remember keeping him a secret from my family because he was too old, they would have never let me date him!

how they asked: Greg & I love traveling and Ireland was next up on our list. We had a layover in Boston, which turned into a canceled flight. I was devastated, this was the first time we ever had taken a layover and now the flight was canceled.  So after a night and a day in Boston, we were on our way to Dublin. Once we arrived, we were exhausted & cranky. We had a midnight flight and the airline didn’t turn of the lights on the plane, so our 8 hour plane ride went without sleep.

Once we arrived at our hotel, we found there was no air conditioning. We called and asked where it was located and were told they do not have air conditioning because Ireland usually never gets above 75 degrees in the summer. Lucky us, we were there when Ireland encountered a “heat wave,” which consisted of 80+ temperatures. Tired, cranky and now hot. We pulled ourselves together, ate and headed to bed. I kept reminding myself, the next day would be better and a fresh start.

The next day we headed to the Cliffs of Moher. When we arrived, we walked passed hundreds of tourists. Greg had the idea of walking about a mile away from the crowds to get some good pictures. We headed that way with tripod and camera in hand. Once we got to the end we just set and admired the view. Usually the visibility at the Cliffs of Moher isn’t that great, but we had picture perfect blue, clear skies. Greg was setting up the tripod to get a picture of us with the view in the background. He pulled the, “What is that over there?” and as soon as I turned back to say, “cheese,”


I was looking down with my jaw wide open and the repeated question of, “Are you serious?” He finally had to ask, “Can I get a Yes?” and finally the “YES” was shouted out.


After that surprise, he told me of another, a surprise engagement shoot around the cities in Ireland!


Photos by: Couple Photography