Jennifer and Greg

how we met

We first met on October 31st 2015 at a Halloween party, had our first date in November 2015 at a pub and then….(pause)….If you ask Jen, she will say “he seemed like a great guy but it wasn’t the right time for a relationship”. If you ask Greg, he will say “Jen made me wait 6 months for a second date”…..(unpause) Our second date was in May 2016, and Jen made the first move ;) The stars were aligned and the rest is history.

how they asked

Greg had a ring made for me while he was working in South Africa. He first tried to propose while we were hiking in Swaziland but we were chased away by baboons halfway through our hike. His second attempt failed too because when we were posing for a picture in front of a waterfall we were stormed by ants (millions and millions of them!). Finally at the top of a crest between two mountains, in rural Lesotho , 6 km from the nearest person, Greg proposed. It was a surprise! At first Jen laughed in disbelief and then she sobbed.

For environmental and social reasons, we both don’t believe in diamonds. In fact Greg brought it up on our first date. The ring is a round shape moissanite by Charles & Colvard. It was custom made by our fantastic jeweller Petra from Cape Town. We’ve reached out to her for our wedding bands as well.

Special Thanks

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