Jennifer and Fernando

How We Met

Fernando and I met in college when we both joined a student organization. We understood each other very well since we were both raised in Mexico and enjoyed the same things. We became really good friends.

Where to Propose in Cozumel, Mexico

We eventually started having feelings for each other and started dating. It wasn’t until one day that I realized it was serious. I worked at Forever 21 for a summer, and had exhausting and horrible days. I was the greeter at the the huge store, and one day someone came in and I welcomed them with the typical “Hello, welcome to Forever 21, (insert deals here) and blabla”. And to my surprise it was him, with sushi, chocolate, flowers, water and apple for me to enjoy during my lunch. I was surprised and my coworkers were excited and cheering for us. One of them told me that I was so lucky to have a guy like him and it was true. One day after work, around 9:30 pm I walked to my car and realized that there was a flower and letter on the door handle. I was so surprised and excited. I called him immediately to thank him and he was glad I liked it (he later told me he stayed at the parking lot for a while to make sure nobody took the flower). I fell for him that night. We continued with the dates and romantic details until the night he decided to make it official. One night he took me to a park, arranged a picnic area with basket and everything (except candles since he left them in the car and it was a hot day…) We were enjoying sushi and soda while sitting under the stars and moon. Then he asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend and I said the first “Yes”.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cozumel, Mexico

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Every Christmas, my company does a Christmas party and gives out prices. One year they went all out and gave out a cruise. Well, I won the cruise and decided to travel to the Caribbean with Fernando and my family. We had been dating for almost 4 years and I knew that we were ready for the next step. I got myself ready and packed nice outfits and got my nails done. I was excited for this trip. Fernando did not seem nervous and wouldn’t give up a hint about his plan (if any). We were enjoying our stay on the 8 days cruise and as days passed I lost hope of the event happening. One day when we were alone he showed me a video of our best memories since college. I loved the video and got suspicious again. I thought he was going to propose that day since we were in a beautiful beach with turquoise waters. My family was taking pictures of us with that amazing backdrop. It was the perfect scenario but he never did.

Jennifer and Fernando's Engagement in Cozumel, Mexico

Our time in the cruise was going to end and I was getting worried. He noticed and asked me what was wrong and I bluntly told him what I thought he was going to propose that day and he didn’t so I was a bit sad but nothing to worry about. He bought me flowers and chocolate and told me that he loved me but that he never planned on proposing to me in the trip. By then, I had completely eliminated the idea. It was our last day in Cozumel, Mexico. We rented a car and traveled to a virgin beach (there’s basically nothing but a restaurant). The beach was beautiful and calm with clear water and some rocks on the edge. My family was taking pictures of the amazing scene when they told me to get on top of the rocks so they could take nice pictures. They were taking pictures of me and Fernando the entire trip so I thought it was something normal. I was posing for the pictures and after several minutes Fernando turns me over to face him. He starts talking about our time together and how he wanted to spend his life with me. I was in shock and didn’t know what was going on. At that moment he gets down on one knee and shows me the ring (he had stored it in a small pocket with a zipper to keep it safe). I could not believe it, I was beyond words. He then asks me if I wanted to be his wife and of course I said, “Yes”! He puts the ring on my finger and we hug and kiss. I could only hear the waves clashing with the rocks and my family and people cheering for us. I cried of happiness and hugged him so hard.

After I calmed down, we took more pictures and watched the video and pictures my family took of us on top of the rocks. Fernando kept everything a secret and planned the perfect proposal with my family. I’m so thankful to have him in my life and excited to start our new adventure together.

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