Jennifer and Eric's OkCupid Proposal

How We Met

Eric and Jennifer met in San Diego on OkCupid. According to Eric, their first date was magical to say the least. “We enjoyed Mexican food and then spent the rest of the evening drinking WAY too much coffee and playing chess/talking. I had a few rules that I would always follow for a first date but they all went out the window when I met Jen. Even after the date ended, I stayed up all night talking to her and although I paid for it dearly the next day at work, I didn’t regret it at all. A few months later, I asked Jen if she wanted to be my girlfriend. She excitedly said yes.”

“Ever since that day I have never been happier. Jen is the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, and caring person I ever met. It was refreshing to be with someone who could really understand me. Beyond that she was getting her masters in molecular biology (the same field that I work in and she just graduated too!) so she is always happy to nerd out with me when I come home bragging about some new piece of technology I saw or a new project I am working on. Nothing makes me happier to come home after a really long day at work and seeing Jen’s smiling face to greet me and ask me how it was. Or just spending a Sunday in bed eating, relaxing, cuddling, and binge-watching Netflix. For all the aforementioned reasons and more I realized I couldn’t see my life without her and decided I wanted to make her my wife.”

How They Asked

Since meeting on OkCupid, Jennifer and Eric are big fans of the app, which meant they were happy to sit on a user research panel at OkCupid’s office in New York City. Jennifer had only mild suspicions that Eric might propose during their trip, but Eric had other plans.

“Having a platform to show how much I love jennifer is so powerful,” Eric shared. “This brings it all totally full circle for us.”

“We have people that work so hard and they don’t ever get to talk to the success couples out there,” shared Melissa Hobley, CMO of OkCupid. “Fresh in from San Diego they agreed to let us ask them about their experience on OkCupid. Eric, what made you join OkCupid and what was it that attracted you to Jen?”

“If you don’t mind,” Eric replied, “I have a question for Jennifer.”

Cheers and gasps echoed the room as Eric got down on one knee to propose to the love of his life. Jennifer, through tears and smiles, said “Yes!”

Eric proposed with an engagement ring from Brilliant Earth.

“We went together to pick out the ring. I was interested in getting a lab made diamond.”

Both scientific researchers, Eric’s research is focused on a cure for cancer and Jennifer devotes her time to teaching science to children. They are faced with debt from the education and Eric’s family being impacted by cancer so in addition to getting engaged, OkCupid surprised the couple with a $10,000 check.

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