Jennifer and Eric

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How We Met

The year was 2013; Fast and Furious 6 was in theaters and Thrift Shop could be heard everywhere you turned. Jennifer was a Junior and Eric was a Sophomore. Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer to when we first saw each other. If you were to ask Jennifer, she would say that she had seen him by his locker the semester before on her way to Spanish. However, that whole semester, Eric never gave her the time of day. If you were to ask Eric, he would say it was at the breakfast table one morning. Regardless of who saw who first, the actual day they meet is the same. One morning in January, when it was too cold to hang out in the parking lot in the morning, everyone gathered in the cafeteria to talk. Jennifer did not normally hang out with this group of kids, but she was going through some stuff so she was confiding in her friend, Wesley. They are talking about everything and anything, and then it happened. Eric walked into the cafeteria and it was like everything stopped. In walked this handsome, but goofy man who apparently had just heard something hilarious because he was rolling with laughter. Right then in there, Jennifer knew she had to talk to him. However, Jennifer was not the most outgoing girl in the world, so she asked Wesley for the connection. She had asked him to give Eric her phone number and they both went about their days as if nothing had happened; I mean nothing really happened. It was not until that weekend that something actually happened. This would be a moment that they both would remember for the rest of their life… but I am getting ahead of myself. That weekend, Jennifer grew impatient on waiting for him to text her that she messaged Wesley for Eric’s number. Then it happened; what will happen next would be a sign that this relationship was meant to be. I mean, who doesn’t believe in signs? Anyway, they both ended up text each other the exact same text at the exact same time. I mean I don’t know about you, but I just had goosebumps. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that spectacular, but Jennifer’s teenage-self was melting at that moment. They started talking and the conversation flowed naturally. They talked about everything: what they did for fun, what they like, what they didn’t like, what they wanted to do with their lives, all of it. Then on January 30, just a few short days later, they were walking in the hall between the second and third hour when Eric asked the question. Now, this is not the question that might just have popped in your head. Instead, he said, “so what are we?”, and without skipping a beat Jennifer said, “we’re dating”. So I guess you could say there was no “official” ask of the question “would you like to go out with me?”, but that was pretty darn close.

Fast forward, six years. Jennifer began her senior year of college and Eric was going into his sixth year of having his produce stand. Life was going well for the two of them. Eric had decided to renovate his grandparents’ farmhouse that November. It was quite the challenge for the 20, almost 21 years old, to take on, but he was ready. The two of them worked together to figure out the best things to do with that space. Though it would eventually be Eric’s house, he still consulted Jennifer on a lot of the design aspects. In the spring, Jennifer completed her student teaching and was faced with a harsh concept, adulting. The fear of the unknown was always right there in front of her and to be honest she was terrified. Luckily for her, she had her own personal life coach (aka Eric) to remind her that everything happens for a reason and things will eventually work out. Well, summer had come and was almost gone, before she found her teaching job. But she found one, just like Eric had told her. After she got the job, things moved very quickly. I mean who else set up a room 5 days before school started. With the first big-girl job came the first big purchase of her brand new, well to her, car. The two of them came to a decision of what to get with very little disagreement, which was awesome. Then that’s when it happened.

How They Asked

The story of Jennifer and Eric’s engagement could not be told without first going back to the day before. On August 31st, Jennifer was at work in her classroom when her phone lit up with a text from her sister, Jess. She was wanting to get some pumpkins from Eric’s for her front porch. To Jennifer, this seemed outrageous; I mean who gets pumpkins to decorate at the beginning of September. She eventually agreed to meet her sister at Eric’s the next day around 5 pm. So the rest of the day and the next morning went as usual. Eric had told Jennifer to be at his house around 4:30 pm that Saturday. Since Jennifer drives the interstate all week for work, she decided to take a different way and go Lower Marine over to Eric’s. When she arrived at Eric’s, her sister and brother-in-law were already there which seemed strange, but she didn’t say anything. So they all piled on to the Kubota and off they went. They started in the southern patch looking for pumpkins and worked their way around the farm.

Eventually, they ended up in the Northern patch where all the big hundred-pound pumpkins are. Eric told Jennifer to drive over to the other side because there’s a really good one over there. Once they got over there, Eric yelled stop, but then told her to move up some more. Eric got off and was looking around and noticed Jennifer was still on the Kubota. He told her to get off and she responded with she didn’t want to get her shoes muddy. He told her to do it anyway, so she got off and followed him. What will happen next will catch her off guard. And she started walking through the pumpkin patch, she noticed a pumpkin with some words on it. It wasn’t until she got closer that she could read what it said: Will you marry me. Right then in there, Jennifer started balling like a little baby. She looked over to see Eric down on one knee while asking her, “will you marry me?” She said yes and they started to celebrate! There could not have been a better way for Eric to ask Jennifer to join him on this journey called life. The plan he created was so special and romantic that it meant so much for both of them. I mean how more meaningful can you get than being proposed to in a pumpkin patch.