Jennifer and Emil


how they asked

My boyfriend and I had planned a trip to Nashville. We love traveling and going on weekend getaways! The food, the music, the boots… Nashville seemed like a great choice! I was so excited, that I downloaded an app on my phone to coordinate/capture all of the activities, restaurants, and sites we had planned for the weekend. In light of the chilly weather, I went out and bought new boots and new sweaters for our trip.

The night before the trip, Emil asks me to get whatever I needed out of my luggage because he wanted to load the car to save time for our early morning flight. I grabbed what I needed and went to sleep. The morning of the trip, Emil’s father drives us to the airport. As we make the line to check-in, an attendant asks “where are you traveling to today?” Emil replies, “Puerto Rico.” I am so entertained on my cell phone that I heard Emil’s reply after the fact. I then said, “Wait, what did you say?” Emil says, “We aren’t going to Nashville. I never booked the trip for Nashville. I am taking you to Puerto Rico!” So here I am, in complete shock, and the first thought that comes to mind is my clothes! What will I do with boots and sweaters in Puerto Rico?! Emil proceeds to say, “…during the week I went to your storage unit and brought home all of your summer clothes/shoes. So don’t worry, last night while you were sleeping, I swapped out your winter clothes for your summer clothes.” And I’m STILL in shock! So we hop on the plane and land in gorgeous San Juan for the first time ever! He makes arrangements with the cab driver to pick us up for dinner reservations in Old San Juan.

As I am getting ready Emil asks me what I plan on wearing. With few options at hand,
Emil opens his luggage and pulls out a brand new black/white sequins dress he had purchased for me. So now I’m thinking, something must be up. Not only did he completely surprise me with taking me to my home country for the first time, but also a new dress?

We finish getting ready, head down to the lobby for a drink, and wait for our ride to Old San Juan. We enjoyed dinner at a delicious sushi restaurant and took a walk down a gorgeous path, Paseo La Princesa, that lead to a gorgeous fountain where he asked me to be his forever. Of course, I said ‘yes!’

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What made this trip so special is not only the fact that he surprised me, but that he took me to visit my home country and made it the most amazing trip I could ever ask for. I love him and can’t wait to say “I Do” before our loved ones in Jamaica!