Jennifer and Eliseo

How We Met

We were acquaintances in college. We would see each other on campus and just say hello /goodbye. Not much convo. We were friends on social media. We’d like each other’s pics here and there. One night he commented on one of my pics and I private messaged him or what they call nowadays sliding into his DM. After that, we starting dating and then months later we made it official. We balanced each other and it felt like things always aligned themselves to work out in our favor no matter what it was. 3 years later we decided to move in with each other.

How They Asked

On October 20, he made plans for us to go to a lantern festival. Our families and best friends came as well. We originally were supposed to go a month before but just like I mentioned earlier, things always found a way to align themselves to work out in our favor.

Jennifer and Eliseo's Engagement in Lantern festival in Pennsylvania

Everyone was there because they knew he was going to propose. Of course, I was the only one not aware. Everyone acted casual and no one gave any hint or idea about a proposal. As the day went on we all ate, engaged in conversation, enjoyed the music that was being played and just enjoyed each other’s company. Around 7 pm all the torches were lit so that everyone can begin lighting the lanterns. It was magical! I lit my lantern and as I backed away to watch it float up into the night sky, I turned and noticed him on one knee. Left speechless, all I could do was cry from joy.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lantern festival in Pennsylvania

In that moment it was if it was just him and I alone surrounded just by the glow of the lanterns as they were being lit and floating in the distance. It felt like I was in a movie. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion and as he uttered those words, “Will you marry me?” Without hesitation, I quickly nodded my head and said yes! Right there was when loves light was glowing as we lit the last lantern of the evening with the words “She said yes!”