Jennifer and Elijah

How We Met: ELEVEN YEARS AGO…Once upon a time in high school…there was a quiet nerd (Elijah) and a tennis player (me). Now, we never spoke one word to each other while walking through the school halls, lunch time, or sporting events. Both of us have twin siblings, so we were never alone. But we wished one day we would find our true love and best friend…

One event would change our destiny…high school graduation. The day prior to the graduation, I had stage three Cancer and was trying to make it to one of the biggest days of my life. I couldn’t take the hot sun and passed out. While watching my body suffer, Elijah desired to help me, not knowing that years later he would be apart of another graduation. His heart felt compelled to do something, but I was rushed home to rest. We did graduate and began our new lives…

Years went by as we grew up and lead completely different lives. The Elijah took special care of his family, while the I had to have my family take care of me. Both of us prayed for someone special to love us for who we were, who we are, and who we would become.

Now for the good stuff…In March of 2013, the Elijah suggested to me that we go on a date, but we actually did not make it to the date. Fate wasn’t ready for us to actually meet for the first time.

In November of 2014, I prayed to God, asking if he could give me a sign of who I was to marry. During the night, I had a dream about Elijah and the dream was beautiful.

Later in December of 2014, the I saw a funny Instagram post on Elijah’s page and had to comment. We began to have humorous banter and something changed. A few days later, I called the Elijah and fate was about to appear at the right time.

Days later we went on our first date and it was like Disney magic…amazing. Once our hands touched, it was like God designed our hands to fit perfectly together. We have been together ever since…

Elijah finally made it to my college graduation. I didn’t get to graduate early in my 20’s due to Cancer treatments, but I knew one day the love of life would be there for me. He has been there for many life changing events and made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

how they asked: The PROPOSAL…dah dat da dum….July 11th, 2015

Elijah had a whole weekend planned and I thought something was going to happen, but still did not want to get my hopes up. We went to a friend’s baby shower only to be truly uncomfortable that my first boyfriend was there!!! WHAT?! I know…truly terrible. Anyway, my man looked ten times better than that frog…because I have the PRINCE.

Once we left, he took me to the beach where we felt was so special to us…Sunset Beach, CA. That place just brings joy, calmness, and love every time we go to that beach. He had a picnic and a few surprises waiting for me. Elijah had Jimmy John’s sandwiches, cookies, pickles, and chips for the dinner (he knows me so well).

He also remembered a box and candle I loved from Barnes and Noble; he went and purchased them for me. Inside the box was a love letter with the sea shells that we picked together on our first visit to Sunset Beach. I was just in shock how much he loves me. Of course we watched the sun set, and we took wonderful pictures as well as made new memories. But…no ring…

Image 1 of Jennifer and Elijah

Then he said, “the next thing we are doing is going back to my place (his place) and watch one of my favorite movies.” I love the movie “With Honors,” and I could never find the movie in a store. Elijah got it online. That sweetheart. So, we arrive home and I am thinking, “okay…here we go… I get the ring…” But…no ring…

Image 2 of Jennifer and Elijah

After the movie, he suggested for us to go to bed and relax because we would be up at 4 am. I was so annoyed that we were going to be up at 4 am. Elijah was saying trust me it will be worth it and I kept thinking, “he better buy me a donut.”

The clock wakes us up at 4 am and he packed all this stuff in his Image 3 of Jennifer and ElijahJeep, then we were off to a secret location. I figured out that we were going to Mt. Baldy and we were going to look at the stars.

Elijah stops and places a portable telescope on his Jeep’s hood; he was focusing the lens on something. I am standing there cold, cranky, and waiting to see something.

When it was my turn, I looked into the lens and saw the moon with a tiny plastic label saying, ‘To the moon and back.” Then he said turn around and there he was with a beautiful ring on his knee. He says, “Jennifer Leigh Romero, I love you so much, will you be my best friend and marry me?”

My reaction was crying really ugly, trying to speak, and when I did speak, all I could say was okay…okay…okay…then yes. Elijah and I always say to one another, “I love you to the moon and back.” I even have a necklace that he bought me with that phrase on it.

Once the shock hit in that we were engaged, I made a quick video and sent it to my family. They were all so happy for us and love the proposal.

Image 5 of Jennifer and Elijah

He also got me a donut and he did GOOD on the ring.

Image 4 of Jennifer and Elijah