Jennifer and Donald

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Donald: It’s no longer a secret…we met on Tinder! While an unlikely setting for a love story, ours is one that we wouldn’t change for the world. Our romance developed quickly and shortly after meeting, we both knew we had a bond that was not meant to be broken. Where do I start? #Teardrop Our first date was a hit; we talked for hours and hours and there wasn’t any of that awkward silence not ONCE during the date #CheckOne. We communicated frequently and hung out once more to figure out if date #1 was a one-hit wonder…or Nah. I believe it was date #3 at the park where I went into my “I gotta feel this woman out mode.” I had to determine what classification I would give her going forward. Was she going to be a woman I went out with but didn’t bring around mom or my friends or maybe the woman I’d just call up when I wanted to Netflix & Chill? Decisions, decisions… but I couldn’t tip her off to what I was looking for in a woman so I began probing her intellect. After all, was said and done, she earned the status of, “Wifey Material”. #CheckTwo.

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Little did I know that “Wifey Material” would blossom into this genuine, fun, loving, accepting and caring woman I’ve since fallen for and who I can say is my #1 best friend. We have fun together and share the same goals, dreams, and values. I honestly believe she makes me a better version of myself. We are both passionate people, stubborn at times, but at the same time compassionate. We don’t like to see the other hurt. To me, this is how true friends should be. After a few months of dating, I sat back and reflected on her qualities as a woman and our growth and maturity as a couple. That was the defining moment to let me know she was the woman for me. #CheckThree

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I am happy on this day to officially make Jennifer my lifelong best friend and lover.

Jennifer: Meeting someone for the first time after communicating solely online can either be your Catfish (MTV show where online daters misrepresent themselves in their dating profiles) debut, an awkward 1-2 hour interaction with a stranger or if you’re lucky, an even better version of your online interactions. Thankfully, my first date with Donald was the latter. We seemed to have a natural connection that blossomed more and more after every date. It was like we were already lifelong friends.

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Because I am very cautious, I didn’t immediately think that he was ‘the one’ but I definitely knew he checked off all of my criteria. I laugh when Donald tells me about his method of evaluating me as a potential mate. I never knew I was being evaluated. I was just being my lovely self and clearly, that worked. LOL, It was actually me doing the evaluation of him and after a few minor tweaks, his scores were off the charts!

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In all seriousness, Donald is the man that I didn’t know that I needed. I’m very independent and very well put together but even in areas where I felt, ‘I got this’, he makes things better than what I imagined. His sense of humor brings a much needed and refreshing energy that compliments and at times, trumps my type-A personality. He is the triple-threat goofy, sexy, nerd that I always dreamed of.

If I weren’t wearing heels, I’d be happy to do the typewriter down the aisle to marry my best friend.

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