Jennifer and David

Where to Propose in The Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, MA

How We Met

Dave and I met while we were attending college at Bryant University. On the first day of of our Consumer Behavior class, I noticed him and wanted to talk to him, but he sat on the other side of the room (I found out later that he noticed me too and wanted to think of an excuse to talk to me). I remember going back to my dorm and telling my roommates about him. Bryant was a small school, so we immediately started stalking him on social media to see if he was involved with anyone. During the next class, he came up to me and asked if I wanted to be in his group for the semester long project. I was excited, but was unsure if I was just friend-zoned. I said yes, and we exchanged phone numbers with each other, as well as the other people in the group. After this, we started running into each other at the gym and would always talk (we both found out later that after we saw each other there the first time we both continued to go at the same time in order to run into each other). Then one day I mentioned to him that we hadn’t texted yet (totally bold move but I figured might as well give it a shot). He said “No, and we will have to change that.” Okay, I figured he was just shy and now we were getting somewhere. I woke up with a text from him the next morning. I anxiously looked at it and all it said was “Did you print the slides for our presentation today?” I was the group leader of the project, and I usually took care of those things. I answered his question, feeling as if I just received confirmation that he was not interested. The same day, after the presentation, he asked me if I usually had lunch plans after our class. I said that I did not have lunch plans, and he invited me to go to lunch off campus. I also invited him to a party that my roommates and I were having that weekend, and he happily accepted. We hit it off immediately, and talked for hours at the Panera Bread off campus. Almost four years later, we still laugh to this day about how his first text to me was about a school project, when he was interested all along.

how they asked

Dave proposed on July 3, 2017. It was a beautiful summer day, and he suggested that we go to The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, MA. When it was nice out we always did fun things outdoors, so this didn’t raise any red flags. His parents had just given me an insulated picnic basket for my birthday a few weeks prior, because they knew we liked to go on picnics together. We packed a lunch using the basket and set off to Shelburne Falls. We took some pictures of the bridge, went to some of the local shops, and had lunch. Once we had walked the entire length of the bridge, I told Dave I wanted to put the picnic basket in the car so we didn’t have to carry it around the rest of the day. He calmly said, “Okay, well didn’t you want to take a nice picture on the bridge first?” He knows that I really enjoy taking pictures, and I agreed that it seemed like a nice time. We asked a woman who was walking by if she wouldn’t mind taking a picture of us. She was very excited and suggested different places that we could take pictures. It turns out she was a Shelburne Falls native, and walked the bridge very often. Dave asked me if I wanted to take my sunglasses off (he knows that I don’t like when our good pictures get ruined when you can’t see our faces). I turned around to put my sunglasses in my purse, and when I turned back around he was down on one knee with the ring. Carmela (the very nice woman who offered to take the picture) got the perfect shot. It turns out he hid the ring in the false bottom of the picnic basket where all of the ice packs were.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, MA

Carmela asked if she could take a picture on her own phone, because she was so excited to share in this moment. We happily agreed. It turns out that Carmela was the director of the Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association. She wrote an article about us in their July newsletter:

Dave and I then went to a local shop and he started diligently browsing through the paintings, while I called our friends and family. He found a beautiful water color of the Bridge of Flowers, which we will hang in our future home.

He went on to tell me that we had dinner reservations at the Whatley Inn in Whatley, MA. When we arrived, my parents and his parents were there for an amazing surprise celebration.

It was a perfect day and we are so thrilled to be engaged. We just set our wedding date: July 27th, 2019!

Special Thanks

Carmela Lanza-Weil
 | Photographer