Jennifer and Daniel

Image 1 of Jennifer and Daniel

how we met

Jennifer and Daniel were both working on a film set for the UNO film club in the fall of 2009. The next semester, the two had both signed up to take general chemistry. They recognized each other from working on set last semester and became chem-buddies. For the next few months, they hung out more and more while on campus and became the best of friends.
Fast forward four years: Jennifer and Daniel were both driving wonky cars, when Jennifer’s car stopped running. She needed a ride from work, and good ole Daniel was there to help. When they arrived at her house, she told him that there was something she had to give him. With that, she just went for it, and blurted out, “I have a huge crush on you!” Hoping to make a quick exit, she reached for the door handle…. which…. wasn’t there (wonky car, remember?). In a panic, she rolled down the car window inch-by-inch and opened the door from the outside. Daniel just stared speechlessly. She wanted to DIE. When Daniel finally regained his senses, they had “the talk.” The rest is history.

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how they asked

Jennifer had been saying she wanted to get some couples pictures taken for a while, when Daniel asked his friend and fellow photographer, Gabby Chapin, about some ideas for an epic photo shoot. Daniel mentioned he was also planning on proposing soon and new he wanted a photographer to capture it, so they combined the ideas: propose during the photo shoot.

Image 3 of Jennifer and Daniel

Daniel began trying to think of creative ways to make this happen, and finally decided nothing conventional would do; he wanted to make this personal. So, he set off to Home Depot with a very vague knowledge of hardware and tools, bought a gigantic wooden board, spray paint, Christmas lights, and Christmas decorations. Over the next few days, Daniel worked tirelessly to create the greatest proposal sign ever built. The sign was hung on a tree in the middle of the forest where the photo shoot took place, and covered with a gigantic tarp.

Image 4 of Jennifer and Daniel

At the end of the shoot, Daniel and Jennifer were brought in front of the tarp. Jennifer was told it was a Christmas backdrop. Gabby had a friend remove the tarp, and boom, there it was.

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Image 6 of Jennifer and Daniel

Jennifer’s jaw dropped. After what seemed like an eternity of Daniel kneeling, the shock finally wore off of Jennifer, and she said yes. Obviously.

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Special Thanks

G. Chapin Studios
 | photographer