Jennifer and Daniel

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How We Met

After a few weeks away in Florida, I came home to Jersey. My cousin was going out with her boyfriend and his best friend and she asked me to come along. Dan was already at the table when we arrived. I spent most of the night watching the Flyers game and he spent most of the night watching me. After some drinks and the game was over, Dan walked me to the car and sat having a deep conversation with me while we waited for my designated driver to be ready to leave. He texted me on the way home. I knew there would be no getting rid of him after that night, and I’m so grateful he’s mine.

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how they asked

We fell in love quickly and by our first month together, I had received my first ring. It was a promise ring. Dan put the ring on my finger and promised to always love me the same, to keep our love alive, and to one day put an engagement ring on that finger because he knew I was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. I could see how serious he was being in the way he looked at me. I knew other people thought he was crazy, but we just knew that we were meant to be. Three months later, we found out we were expecting a beautiful baby girl. Most people would’ve been scared that early in their relationship, but we couldn’t have been happier. We bought a house and got ready to celebrate our first anniversary.

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I couldn’t do much being eight months pregnant. We opened anniversary gifts by our first Christmas Tree and then headed to our favorite restaurant. Just as we were getting tired and my pregnancy hormones were kicking in, our waitress came out with a plate lit by candles. Dan came around the side of the table and got down on his knee and made me another set of promises. A promise to always love me, to support me and our daughter no matter what, and to build a life with me that we would be proud of one day. I said yes to applause from other diners, and cried over my cheesecake. It’s been a year, our daughter was born and our family makes me proud every day. I can’t wait until we finally say “I do” next year and create a new set of promises.

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