Jennifer and Dan

How We Met

We meet 7 years ago, I was a freshman in high school (14) and he was a senior in high school (17). The first time he saw me was in the gym and from that moment he turned to his friend and said that will be my wife. Later that night he texted me and it was history from then on. We were very young so people always said this isn’t going to last, “they’re just a high school couple”, but we did! We dated all through high school and then into college. We dated 7 years and nothing stood in our way.

how they asked

Dan has been telling me about this apartment we were planning to see for about 4 months. He said the owner was out of town and we need to wait for him to fly in to see this apartment. When he was finally in, Dan said to me I’m going to go see it on Saturday night, if you want I can go alone. I said no, of course, I’ll come; this was all part of a trick. We drove to Manhattan Saturday night and all I can think about is this apartment and how we may be spending our lives here together, but not for a second did I think he was proposing. When we go to the top floor I walked into the room and a song started playing.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York City

This song was called “Jennifer” – it was named and written about me (written and vocals by Dan) along with a slideshow of all our pictures from the past 7 years. I immediately started hysterical crying, I could barely watch the video. Finally, when the song ended he proposed and it was the best moment of my entire life. We had been waiting for this moment for so long and it finally came, it felt so surreal. It was a truly unforgettable proposal. The song features an emotional string section and obviously, Dan’s voice – he really went all out and I love it!

Jennifer's Proposal in New York City

Our Video

Special Thanks

Victor Dweck
 | Videographer
Raquel Tawil
 | Photographer