Jennifer and Charles

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How We Met

We first met briefly on an outdoor group camping trip to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Over time, we went on more group trips and started actually talking to each other beyond casual conversations and trip logistics. Then we started bonding over time by fishing alone together and having deeper conversations that allowed our relationship to blossom.

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We both share a love of the outdoors and enjoy spending time hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, etc. with our awesome dogs. We discovered that we both have enthusiasm for cooking judging by our combined culinary gadget and tool collection. We prepare meals together dancing in the kitchen laughing and cooking for each other to help round off busy days. We do everything as a team, supporting, and encouraging each other along the way. Finally to slow things down a bit, we leave the “adulting” for another day so we can enjoy the warmth of each other’s company.

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We knew within a few months of starting our relationship that we were destined to get married and move forward on this grand adventure. After spending the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with each other’s families, the support we got solidified what we already knew, that we were perfect for each other.

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how they asked

I was adamant that I would not do something cliche, such as proposing on Valentine’s Day, but as fate would have it the ring came in on that very day, the same day on which Jennifer had a late meeting at work to attend. I set up a path of candles and pictures leading to an empty bedroom as a mock camp site. It was complete with a tent, our dogs, some camp mood lighting, and the ring “cooking” on the stove with some classic love songs streaming. I could gear her lightly chuckling upon arrival at the sight of the first set of candles leading the way. She delayed it by having me sweat it out a few more minutes by freshening up after the long day then following the path to our camp site.

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Even before asking her parents’ permission for her hand in marriage, after the return for the holidays it felt relaxed and natural to look for an engagement ring together. A few evenings after work was spent researching about engagement rings and diamond qualities, we took the leap and visited a local independent jeweler specializing in loose diamonds and rings figuring it was a logical choice providing a broad selection. Her taste is a mix of classic elegance but with a touch of vintage and character. After playing what seemed like the engagement ring survivor game for a single diamond setting with detailing on the band, two ring settings were left on her hand. Both of which she would be happy to have placed prominently on the ring finger that were nature inspired but not overwhelming. She turned to me and said “your pick” which was a dainty setting with delicate millgrain teardrops down half the band in white gold giving it a vintage look. These happy teardrops represent all the joy we shared together and the many more memories we would make journeying forward. She’s an engineer and wanted a symmetrical perfectly cut stone, so she selected a natural round brilliant cut diamond to catch and maximize the light reflecting rainbows.

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We’ve already gone through a lot of planning for our wedding! We’re very excited to GET married and can’t wait for the day to arrive to say “I do” in front of our family and close friends. It’s a lot of work even though it will be a very intimate backyard wedding and party for a small gathering of family, close friends, and of course our beloved dogs.

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