Jennifer and Chad

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How We Met

The day I met Chad, I wasn’t looking for anybody. I had just relocated for a job in Aiken, South Carolina, and I knew exactly one person in this new town. My focus was on building my career and making new friends while I was temporarily assigned to Aiken. Chad was in the same boat. He had just moved from Kansas to the heart of the South, and he didn’t know a soul. On day 1, we both reported to employee training at the construction site, and, as luck would have it, I took a seat next to Chad. Although it was certainly not the most romantic of settings, we had an instant connection – talking to Chad was just easy. We were both engineers in a brand new town, and we both liked football. Serendipitously, the 2015 college football National Championship game was on that night, so I invited him to join me at the local brewpub after work. He left me hanging until halftime (which I haven’t quite let him live down), but the rest is history.

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We bonded over a love of travel – and a deep love for Charleston. We explored all of the Southern gems on day trips and weekend getaways. And we moved into a quaint brick house in the suburbs with our two rescue dogs, Paisley and Henley. For the first several months, life seemed like it just couldn’t get any better. But then, just a few short months later, Chad came home from work on an unassuming Tuesday with some tough news. He was being transferred to a new project, and he was expected to report the following Monday… to Fargo, North Dakota. I wasn’t sure if we could stand such a huge test. North Dakota? I’m a Southern girl raised in the Sunshine State; I couldn’t fathom it. But since April 14th of 2016, we have been in a long distance relationship, and we still couldn’t be happier we’re together. Our situation isn’t ideal, but we’ve learned that for the right person, anything is worth it. Since Chad’s move, the dogs and I have also relocated to Lynchburg, Virginia. Chad now uses his visits to escape the harsh winter in Fargo. And although these weekends should be for escaping work, he never uses them strictly for relaxation. Instead, he uses them to install motion sensor lights on my front porch, to change my oil, and sometimes to repair my washing machine.

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how they asked

Ever since I met Chad, I’ve always said the only difference between Southerners and Midwesterners is the accent. Although Chad may not share my twang, we both were raised to have the good manners, work ethic, and grace under pressure that is the hallmark of a Southern upbringing.

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So it only makes sense that he asked me to marry him under the sprawling oak and magnolia trees of White Point Garden in our favorite city, Charleston. I said “yes” with all of my heart and without a moment’s hesitation.

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He’s my rock and he’s my provider, my voice of reason when the distance just seems insurmountable. I can’t wait to be his wife and I look forward to the many years ahead!

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