Jennifer and Carlos

how we met

We were both seniors attending University of Central Florida. We met through a mutual friend in the library (of all places).

how they asked

Carlos’s cousins from Dominican Republic were in town and they wanted to see the University of Central Florida campus, which we told them we would take them around. On the day of the proposal, we took them into the library and Carlos said he needed to use the restroom. His cousin’s then lead me outside the library and walk towards the UCF fountain. As I was getting closer I could see my three of my friends and his friend waiting for me. They were holding up signs leading into my proposal where Carlos steps out and then proposed to me at the fountain. I was definitely surprised. Although we had already been dating for 5 years, we were still in a long distance relationship at that time of the proposal. After I said yes (yay!) we went back to his parent’s house where they hosted us an amazing engagement party with family and friends.

Special Thanks

Rollins College
 | Location
Historic Dubsdread Ballroom and Catering
 | Location