Jennifer and Bryan

How We Met

Bryan and I have been together since we were 15 and 16 years old so as we’ve grown up together our families and friends have been there by our sides watching our relationship grow every step of the way. After college, we decided to both chase our dreams and move to NYC together to build our own life.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dumbo Brooklyn

Where to Propose in Dumbo Brooklyn

We’ve known for a while now that we would get married one day, but it was just a question of when was the right time. We’ve come a long way since meeting in pre-calc class to senior prom all the way through college together at Temple University and now to living in New York City.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dumbo Brooklyn

how they asked

A few weeks ago on a very normal-seeming Saturday morning, Bryan asked me if I wanted to meet him at a museum after he went to the gym which is a pretty normal activity for us on a Saturday. Just after he left for the gym I realize he laid out a few outfit options for me on the bed (all of which were way too dressy for a Saturday afternoon at the museum) and then I receive a text saying to look under the sink for a clue. Bryan has always had an imagination and liked to plan surprises so I didn’t think much of it. The first clue led me to Radio City Music Hall which was one of the first places we went together after moving to the city. At this stop, I found two of my best friends from the city waiting with another clue.

Next was Bryant Park where we’ve gone every year around Christmas to walk around the shops in the village that is set up. At this stop, I found all of our childhood and college friends waiting with another clue. Let me just add some of them traveled 6+ hours and even flew in to be there.

The third stop was the Empire State Building where Bryan I visited the first time we ever were in New York City together. As I walked up it hit me and I knew what was happening. Our entire families including siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were in the corner waiting for me to give me my next clue. The next stop was McSorley’s Pub where we’ve shared some (interesting) nights with friends. As I approached I see my parents and his mom standing outside with my next clue. (Let me just add by this points I couldn’t hold in the tears what so ever!)

Proposal Ideas Dumbo Brooklyn

My final stop was in Dumbo Brooklyn where Bryan was waiting for me. As I walked up everyone cleared away so we had a few moments just us as he proposed. The ring was designed by Heidi Gibson, a ring designer I had been following for several years and the diamond in the center was from my grandfather’s wedding band. I never had the opportunity to meet my Grandfather being he died before I was born. Bryan has known for a long time how much it would mean to me to use his diamond. It could not be more perfect.

Jennifer and Bryan's Engagement in Dumbo Brooklyn

After the proposal, we headed to a restaurant where all of our family and friends who had met me along the way waited to celebrate with us. The entire day could not have been more perfect and I am so glad our family and friends who have always been such a big part of our lives were able to be there to celebrate with us.

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