Jennifer and Brian

How We Met

After a lot of back and forth and being very skeptical, I decided to sign up on an online dating site. I opened my account on a Thursday evening and by Friday morning I had several messages, the first one was from Brian. I tell everyone he was there waiting for me :-) We clicked immediately. Conversation was so easy with him and we talked constantly, there was never a lull or awkward silence. We talked for almost a week before we finally met for a first date. We met at my favorite little coffee shop and talked for longer than we planned to. I remember leaving the coffee shop with a smile so big it hurt my face! We both have children so I was cautious, but when we got together several times over the next few weeks, it was impossible to ignore how great we were together!

Jennifer's Proposal in Page Walker Hotel, Cary NC

Our kids got along perfectly, we got along perfectly. We are both car lovers! Can I tell you how good it is for a relationship when both people love cars?! It strengthens bonds! He started coming to church with me, he came over after work everyday, we started doing life together and it was how life should always be, perfect. The best part, he lived 10 minutes down the road from me. My kids and I met his family and he and his daughter went home with us to Arizona around the holidays and met my entire family. We knew without a doubt that we wanted to spend forever together. We started planning to move in together in the coming fall, when both of our leases were up on our apartments.

how they asked

I planned a photoshoot with a fellow photographer I work with for my kids and I. I didn’t plan a “family” shoot with all of us, even though we had been dating for over a year, we weren’t living together yet and we weren’t engaged. I didn’t want anyone to feel pressured into “family” photos. I planned matching pink and grey outfits for the kids and I and set up the shoot…only to be rained out. We tried to reschedule for the next day, but my son was sick with a fever. We ended up rescheduling the shoot for the following weekend, Sunday afternoon. I had gone round and round with where to have them done and finally decided on a historic house in downtown Cary. The day of the shoot I was with Brian in the morning until I picked up the kids, then we went home to change for pictures. He sent me a text when we were on our way and asked if we were on schedule and I said “yes we were:-)”

When we got there our photographer was already there. We started with pictures of the kids and I, then moved around the side of the house and she was getting photos of just the kids. I was completely focused on trying to get my kids to hold hands (that’s hard for a 6 and 8 year old brother and sister!) when all of a sudden Brian came around the corner with his daughter. They completely matched us! He had planned matching outfits for both of them! I was completely confused and then I thought “aww he want to have photos done together!” Then the next thing I know, he was in front of me dropping to one knee and asking me to marry him!

Jennifer and Brian's Engagement in Page Walker Hotel, Cary NC

I of course said YES! But, I intentionally waited a few seconds to make sure Amy, the photographer got some great photos (poor Brian!). He put the ring on my finger and I ugly cried…and tried not to ruin my makeup.

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He told me he planned matching outfits so we could have our first family photo session together. I ugly cried some more. And THEN, we got to have an entire photo shoot! I was completely oblivious to any of his planning! He showed interest in the photo shoot, but I didn’t think anything of it because he always shows interest in everything I do! (Daww)

Special Thanks

Amy Allen