Jennifer and Brett

How We Met: We met when I was a freshman in Highschool and he was a senior in Highschool. We didnt start dating until the summer going into my sophomore year while he left for college. I followed him to college so we could spend one year together. Today I am a Senior in college and we have been together for six and a half years and we are getting married January 10, 2015

how they asked: He told me we were going to dinner at the skyline club which is the highest floor on the OneAmerica that overlooks monument circle in downtown Indianapolis.


When we got there they seated us at a table next to he window with rose petals scattered everywhere and a letter. It was 6:57 and I was told to not open the letter until 7pm. At 7:00 I opened the letter that talked about our whole relationship and it ended with Jennifer Nicole Matters will you….


By that time I was told to look out the window and the IPL building that once was displaying a christmas tree turned into a huge red heart (He had told to the IPL president and that agreed to turn it to a heart for 3o minutes for us.) From there after he asked me to marry him they brought out champagne and we hurried to the monument circle to get pictures!