Jennifer and Brent

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How We Met

Typical online dating site, I thought he was cute wearing camo waders, so we started talking!

how they asked

His sister was 8months pregnant, so he told me she was going to take maternity pictures and that his mom wanted new family photos of everyone. (They take family pictures for Mothers Day but they skipped this year.) So on the day of, I was busy getting ready, he was very helpful in picking out my dress and he didn’t rush me to leave even though I was about ten minutes late- should have been my first clue! When we got there, I couldn’t see anyone’s vehicle, so I was wondering if we were in the right place. We walked down a little path to a pond with a waterfall, and when we got around the corner both of our whole families were there!

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They were all holding signs with pictures that said: “will you marry me?” And when I turned around to look at him he got down on one knee and proposed! I was so shocked! It is the first time I have ever cried happy tears! They took pictures of the whole thing including my surprised face. I’m so impressed that he was able to coordinate everyone and that they had all been keeping it a secret for months! It was the best day of my life.

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