Jennifer and Anthony

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Juan, Puerto Rico

How We Met

Five years ago we met at a mutual friends college graduation bbq, and without a doubt there was automatically an instant connection. I can even recall the first moment I saw him, he was wearing a light blue tee-shirt and I was taken by his smile as he helped his friends mom serve food to the guests.

He messaged me on instagram that night and convinced me to grab dinner that week (Even though he warned me he was trouble at the bbq haha). We spent a few months casually dating, however Anthony had to leave the country for a year for business. We kept in touch during that time to find ourselves wanting to see eachother again when he returned.

After some time, we found we were in different stages of life, we decided to spend some time apart once again. This time around was a test, we barely spoke for months and even dated other people. However…Never doubt the power of faith and love as destiny is written for all of us.

We decided to meet up as friends, eventually to find that there was no way we could stop the magnetic pull we had towards eachother. Almost a year later…we are now inseparable and stronger than ever.

They say god gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. As a couple and as individuals we know this to be true as Anthony’s incredible ambition and passion drove him to enter the US Army as an active officer. As equally passionate working as an occupational therapist… I understand that dreams are embodied into our souls and in order to live life to its fullest we must respond to our callings.

So we found ourselves again tested by whats to come… Although this time around we face it hand in hand.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jennifer's Proposal in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jennifer and Anthony's Engagement in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Wedding Proposal Ideas in San Juan, Puerto Rico

How They Asked

Understanding that Anthony leaves for basic training in November, we decided to go to San Juan, PR for a short getaway this August. San Juan was incredible. The air and sunshine filled you with hope and bliss.

Anthony even made dinner reservations on the beach during sunset. Little did I know, this would be one of the most meaningful moments of my life.

After entering the beachfront restaurant, we were greeted by the “restaurant photographers” who Anthony had hired that “loved that we matched” and “wanted pictures of us on the beach”. They walked us over to the shore where we were instructed to complete a few poses…”Okay now can you turn back to back”. It was in that moment I knew when I turned around I would find Anthony getting down on one knee with a ring in his hand.

It was a complete dream the rest of the evening. The restaurant even surprised us with champagne and dessert on the rooftop balcony.

Still reliving this moment a few days later I wanted to share our love story with the world, and maybe I just really wanted to write it out for us. Because as difficult as life can be… Love gives us strength. There is nothing more powerful than love.

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