Jennifer and Allen

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How We Met

The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York is where it all began, October 2009. Freshman year of college is typically known as the start of a new life for many, for Allen and I this had a whole new meaning. Through mutual friends we met just two months into this college life. Allen spotted me in the dining hall one day and he told himself “that’s the one.” He worked his charm and won me over. It wasn’t long before us young eighteen-year-olds fell head over heels in love. Through the ups and downs of meeting your soul mate at such a young age, we both spent our college years growing together. Fast forward nearly seven years later and we are college sweethearts are ready to get married!

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how they asked

Allen and I, as well as our families, knew that marriage was in our future, although no one knew just when Allen would pop the question, besides Allen himself! Allen strategically planned every detail to his proposal, from designing the ring in NYC during a visit home, to planning a “spur of the moment” weekend getaway. After a month full of visits from family members and it being 4th of July weekend, Allen and I decided to take a trip to Charleston, South Carolina just to get away for a bit. A vacation planned on Wednesday, to leave on Saturday didn’t seem like enough time for Allen to plan a proposal or get a ring for that matter, or so I thought. Once arriving in Charleston, every little thing was more magical than the next. Allen called ahead to the hotel to make sure we had a suite with a poolside/harbor view. I thought nothing of the gesture, just that we would have a great mini vacation!

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He even led me to believe he had mutual work friends in the area who would be “taking us out on their boat if they had time.” The day after arriving, Allen and I did some swimming at the hotel and enjoyed some outside activities and took in the fun times! Allen casually told me that his “friend” was able to take us out on his boat and he would meet at at the marina. He arrived and I guess Allen has superior acting skills because they both carried on conversation as if they knew one another!! Then we were off! We watched dolphins swim and took in the beautiful sights of downtown Charleston! Those who know Allen and I know that we just love anything to do with history.

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Allen’s “mutual work friend” (wink wink, he never met him a day in his life) decided we should head to Fort Sumter, a mini island where battles of the Civil war took place, so naturally I were amazed by this and agreed to go!

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We hopped off the boat and embraced all of the views. Our “friend” offered to take a picture of us on the island, the next thing I knew, Allen was down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!!! Our boat captain had actually video tapping the whole thing! Soon the secret was out and Allen admitted this plan had been in the works for quite some time. He admitted he never actually knew the captain and what seemed to be a “spur of the moment trip” to me was actually planned to every last detail!!

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