Jennifer and Alex's Epcot Proposal

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How We Met

Alex & I met in a more “modern” way. We met on in early October of 2011. We talked for a few days through text messages-the whole time I was thinking “this guy is too good to be true”. We decided to go bowling & out for dessert for our first date. Which was also the first time we met in person! The conversation flowed so easily (& I am super socially awkward). No awkward silences. It was perfect. When we went for dessert, neither one of us was very hungry but we wanted to spend time together. So we both ordered something. He ordered a giant thing of ice cream while I ordered a little cake. Neither one of us hardly ate anything. We talked for hours! The giant pile of ice cream on his plate turned into a giant puddle. He held my hand, gave me a hug, & no kiss goodnight! I wondered why…he later said because he wanted to “be a gentleman”. 4 years later and he is as perfect as he was back then-if not even better.

how they asked

We went to Disney World for our 4 year anniversary. We spent the day walking around the countries trying different foods (it was the food & wine festival at Epcot). It was super crowded & starting to get hot. We walked off to my favorite spot in Epcot…the gondola in Italy. We cooled off standing there by the water. We saw a photographer on a nearby bridge and a line of people waiting to get a photo taken. Alex told me he was going to ask the photographer if he could come take our picture by the water. He said he would finish the people in line & then he would come over. But-the people in line overheard Alex telling the photographer that he was going to propose-so they told the photographer to go ahead over to us. He started taking pictures & then Alex turned to me and said with a smile “So, there is something I have been meaning to ask you….” And then everything becomes a blur-for both of us! I remember him getting down on one knee and telling me he loves me and then,of course, “will you marry me?”. Of course I said yes. He stood up and we hugged & kissed and people around cheered and clapped. It was so magical & more than I ever dreamed of.

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