Jennifer and Adam

how we met

We met through our mutual friend Joe from our church, who was also my barber. He would always post his haircuts that he had done on Instagram, and when he posted one of me, Jenn messaged him and said I was Cute, so Joe got us connected! We started texting back and forth, then finally met one Sunday morning at our church.

how they asked

So the proposal was a surprise out in Sedona, Arizona. We already had a photoshoot planned with Antrim and some other photographers that day for a retreat they were on. But I asked Our friend Denise, who got us into that shoot and is also a photographer, if she would be willing to help me with the proposal that same day. Well we made it seem like she just wanted to get some photos of Jenn and I before The actual photoshoot, ya know no bid deal. I also Acted like I had No clue, and Denise was the one telling Jenn all the details “without me knowing” so I played Dumb with jenn as she told me the details I already Knew haha! Once we got there and found a spot, we took some photos and Denise had positioned us to where I was Going to “pick up Jenn from behind”, but I was Actually behind her with the ring the whole time. It was great because Jenn had no idea, and the surprise worked out perfectly!

Special Thanks

Antrim Photography
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