Jennie and Victor

How We Met

I saw Jennie at her work one summer for a couple years ago and I thought she looked pretty and kind. But I didn’t dare to contact here and I didn´t know what her name was. It took some years after I first saw her to one day I saw a photo of her on Facebook. I told myself that I would try to add her as a friend on Facebook and I did. That choice is the best thing I have done. The rest is history.

How They Asked

We had decided to celebrate our one-year day in Paris, 10 September 2018. When we were in Paris, on the morning of 10 September. Victor and I walked against the Eiffel tower to take some photos of our one-year celebration. But on the way there I heard Victor start to talk with someone, when I looked to see who it was I see that it was my favorite photographer. I was so happy that my favorite photographer is here in Paris to take some photos of me and Victor. Then Victor told me this is your one-year day gift. I became speechless and happy that I would be photographed here in Paris by my favorite photographer.

Proposal Ideas Paris, Eifeltower

We walked to the Eiffel tower when we arrived at the spot we were going to photograph on.
We started by taking pictures of me and Victor, then we would take some pictures of just me. Then Emma (The photographer) told me to stand and look at the other way so I have the Eiffel tower on my left side. Meanwhile, Emma photographed me, she waved at Victor and Emma’s boyfriend gave Victor the rings and then he went to stand behind me. After a little while, Emma told me to turn around and the first thing I see is Victor is on his knee. I was very surprised and happy. I said yes.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, Eifeltower

Victor had arranged a photographer without my knowledge. They have planned this for a long time to make this good. Emma and her boyfriend took the rings from Sweden to Paris. So that I shouldn´t find out about the rings. Everything turned out so good.

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Special Thanks

Emma Ivarsson
 | Photographer
Emma Ivarsson
 | Planning