Jennie and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met when he transferred to Azusa Pacific University (APU). I was a transfer leader so my role was to help new transfer students experience a seamless transition to APU during orientation weekend. Our last event for orientation weekend was a pool party. Justin is a photographer so he wanted to use this time to capture this event. I have always loved pictures so I took advantage of Justin being a photographer so I attempted to jump in front of every picture being taken. After the event was over, Justin came and introduced himself. He told me he was new to the area (Azusa) and did not know anyone so he cleverly asked for my number so I could show him around town. From that moment, we were inseparable but not in a romantic way. Justin was my best friend. My wingman. I was the girl Justin would call after he had a bad date. But then one day everything changed, I saw Justin in a different light. I texted my best friend and said, “I think I am in love with Justin.” We were both in shock. I kept these feelings hidden from Justin until one day I could not handle it anymore. We were going to a school dance with all of our friends and before the night ended, I shared everything with him. To my surprise, he felt the same way. That was the day I knew I met the man I was going to marry.

how they asked

Justin recorded our dates for 2.5 years and compiled the clips + song and rap! (Justin + Jennie)

I was Justin’s first friend when he transferred to Azusa Pacific University for his undergraduate years (because Justin was a loser and had no friends). We met at a transfer student pool party event. He was taking pictures for the event and told Jennie to say cheese and luckily I loved pictures so I tried to get in as many shots as I could and it all started from there.

We became best friends and hung out all the time. It wasn’t until spring break when we road tripped up to San Francisco with some friends. There was for sure an attraction between us, but neither of us expected to become exclusive during the trip.

It was when Justin and I went walking and stopped at a bench near Ghirardelli Square. Without any planning, the words just came out of Justin’s mouth,

“I’m not asking you to be my girlfriend, I’m telling you.”

Since then, our life erupted with excitement! We went on so many adventures together. We had study dates in the library. And through it all, little did I know, Justin had been recording our endeavors to one day put it all together for THE PROPOSAL.

Fast forward to September 15, 2017. The proposal. Justin told me it was a talent show for the church we attend and that he was going to MC for the first time. He even went as far as to have the church send out an email newsletter with the talent show information inviting members of the church to attend. Of course, I came to support my man. When I entered the room all of our loves ones were there. I was thinking, “Wow this is going to be a great talent show.” There was a spoken word performance, a beatboxing performance, and a worship song that was all performed. Before the final act, a video popped on the screen. In front of the audience, Justin’s face popped up.

This was a video he compiled – of all of our hangouts and adventures. While the video played, more of our friends and even family came (they snuck in while the video was playing and I had no idea they were there).

After the video, Justin called me tothe stage. As I walked up to the stage, I turned around and the room was FILLED with all of our best friends and family.

He played me a song that he wrote along with a rap.

After Justin’s performance,
He got down on one knee.
He said,

“I’m not asking you to marry me, I’m telling you.”

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Ryan Franco
 | Videographer
Evangelina Garcia
 | Photographer
Joievee Bondoc
 | Photographer