Jenni and Shawn

How We Met

Shawn and I met 4 years ago in Nashville, Tennessee. The company I was working for had me moving around quite a bit at the time, so they had asked me to move from Key West, Florida to Nashville. I jumped at the chance to move to Music City. The day that I arrived to Nashville, my boss had informed me that Shawn would help me move all of my belongings from my car into my new apartment. I saw Shawn and grinned, and could only imagine what he thought of me after moving (let’s be real) basically a car full of shoes.

A few weeks past and I was ready to get the lay of the land. I was sick of just going to work and then going home. I didn’t really know of much to do yet (or have any friends) and told Shawn one night that I wanted him to introduce me to the “hot spots” in Nashville, if he had the chance. He obliged, so on a random Monday night, we headed to a bar in East Nashville for “Motown Monday” where some local bands would get together and play incredible Motown music. We had the BEST time – he introduced me to his friends, we drank, danced the night away, talked about the most ridiculous and hilarious things, and something just really clicked between us. Both of us could feel it. That night we jokingly called each other our kindred spirits, and (I know everybody says this) but the rest really is history.

Shawn became more than just a kindred spirit, and years later what started out as a friendship very naturally grew into romance.

After living in Nashville for 2 years, we both got an itch to leave and pursue our education/careers, so in August of 2011 we moved to San Diego where we are still both pursuing our Master’s degrees. After the extreme transition from southern life to west coast living and being apart from our families, Shawn and I became closer than ever, and on my 30th birthday in Cabo San Lucas, he proposed.

Image 1 of Jenni and Shawn

how they asked

Like a little kid, I woke up at the crack of dawn in Cabo San Lucas on my 30th birthday (I was clearly a little too excited to celebrate and get the day started). Whenever we travel, I always LOVE getting awesome photos, and pretend like I’m good at it (haha!). Shawn and I got up, walked around the resort, took a few photos, then went to get some breakfast at the resort. We were immediately greeted with mimosas…I knew it was going to be a good day!

We went back to our room, and Shawn had told me that he chartered a water taxi to take us to El Arco de Cabo San Lucas. The Arco is an immensely beautiful rock formation in the shape of an arch, and a definite must-see when visiting Cabo. We hit the water taxi and headed straight to the arch. The captain of the boat asked if we wanted to get off the boat for an hour on Lover’s Beach (a little beach located right next to the Arc). Shawn asked if I wanted to get off, and I thought that sounded great! We hopped off the boat and started walking around the beach, looking at the waves. Shawn asked if I wanted to sit down near a more secluded area of the beach and just relax for a bit. We sat down and started talking about things…mostly just how special and lucky we were to be there in Cabo, able to celebrate not just my birthday, but many other milestones.

I remember placing my hands down in the sand and just kneading it. It felt like suede. Shawn then asked for something in my purse, and I reluctantly gave it to him. When I turned my head around, there he was on one knee!!

Image 2 of Jenni and Shawn